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A Novice's Guide to PNA 11 July 2015
by Compiled from various sources by Lisa Frankland

PNA stands for progressive neuronal abiotrophy, also referred to as cerebellar cortical and extrapyramidal nuclear abiotrophy, or simply abiotrophy, a genetically transmitted, fatal disease in Kerry Blue Terriers.

PNA Solution 07 July 2015

After more than a decade of work, Drs. Johnson & O'Brien & their staff at the University of Missouri - Columbia came up with a genetic test for PNA.

The Incredible Story of Blackjack 22 June 2015
by Janet Joers

Miracles, we all know, happen with amazing frequency in Kerries. But tragedies occur, too. In the story of Blackjack, both collided in a powerful and extraordinary way.

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