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Breeders and Puppy Buyers Should Stay in Touch


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The Foundation estimates that more than half of all Kerries in the US are now bred by puppy mills and other marginal breeders. However, 74% (6-Sep-03 QOTW) of this web site's visitors have purchased their Kerry from a "reputable" breeder.

One of the main reasons to purchase from a reputable breeder, or adopt from a reputable rescue organization, is the support provided by the breeder or rescue group

Five reasons to stay in touch with your breeder:

1. Share news with your breeder about your dog's health, training, or behavior. It will help the breeder in her breeding program and may indirecctly improve the breed.
2. Your breeder can advise you on the latest development in nutrition, health, or training. When your Kerry grows older, it's needs will change and your breeder can explain these changes.
3. Send a picture of your Kerry or better yet, visit your breeder. The changes in color are more important to your breeder than they may be to you.
4. Contact your breeder whenever you have a major health problem with your Kerry or when it dies. Your breeder needs to know how her line is developing.
5. Send your breeder any change of address. Good breeders should always try to stay in contact with all their puppy buyers.


Five reasons for breeders to stay in touch with their puppy buyers:

1. Get their current address. By mailing a simple newsletter, with "address change requested" provides breeders with the current address of their puppy buyers.
2. Solve problem before they become major issues. Have a formal follow up schedule for all your puppies to ensure their proper development, assist your buyer with any training, behavior, nutrition or health problems.
3. By contacting your puppy buyers periodically you will develop a better picture of your breeding line.
4. Provide your buyers with age specific information about nutrition, health and behavior.
5. Develop a better understanding of the puppy buyer's situation as a potential home for future puppies.

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