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Rescues, Reporting, and Retirement: Judi Young


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Judi in Hawaii

Three cheers, no, ten cheers! A 21-gun SALUTE for Judi Young, administrator for the KBT Foundation’s rescue program and editor of this newsletter for the past five years! Judi is a lovely and energetic woman, bubbling over with ideas and enthusiasm and, at the same time, organized, disciplined and articulate. She divides her time between winters in Honolulu and summers in the Pacific Northwest (Spokane, Washington). Retired since 2009, her career in healthcare climaxed in her service as President and CEO of the Inland Northwest Blood Center, the regional blood center for all of Eastern Washington.

But the main thing about Judi is that she is a truly great volunteer, showing the personal modesty and team spirit common to all great volunteers. Kerries have been lucky to have Judi working for them.

Discovering Kerries

Judi began with Kerry Blue Terriers as many people do: she’s allergic to most dogs. Once she had finally convinced her husband Don that they “needed” to add a dog to their family, they narrowed their search to standard poodles and KBTs. Don refused to be a poodle owner, but he’d never met a Kerry, so he wasn’t at all sure he wanted one. One day while taking a winter walk on a snowy day in Sun Valley, Idaho, whomshouldtheymeetbutawoman walking two beautiful Kerries? Judi recognized the breed immediately but, keeping her fingers crossed, didn’t say a word to Don. They all met and Don especially enjoyed the usual KBT lively greetings. As the woman walked away with her dogs, Don turned to Judi and said, “Now, those are real dogs; I could be happy with those.” As Judi says, “The rest was history.”

Judi and Don have had two Kerries: Myra, Princess of Pout, and Kiara, Princess of Play, both of whom died of cancer. Currently without a KBT, Judi says “It’s a very lonesome feeling and one that we will rectify in the near future.”

The Rescue Program

“Volunteering has always been part of my life,” says Judi. After retirement in 2009, and having discovered her passion for helping Kerries, she took on the administrative coordination for the Foundation’s rescue program. “I am still in awe of the people who work the frontlines of rescue: the directors, coordinators, transporters, foster families, the ‘searchers,’ the data managers. They see things in rescue that the rest of us can only imagine – have nightmares about – but no matter how hard it is, they are always, always, always there for the Kerry. And when they finally bring that Kerry to its new forever home, away from whatever trauma and hurt it had in its former life, the tears then are of such joy! We all celebrate it together, even people like me who are not really part of the actual rescue but who hope somehow to have helped make a difference. That’s what volunteering is to me: making a difference.”

Editing this Newsletter

Five years ago, Judi responded again, this time when the KBTF needed a new editor for its newsletter. Let’s let her tell her own story of what this has meant to her:

Being the editor of your Foundation newsletter has been one of the most exciting and interesting volunteer projects I have ever undertaken. It has given me the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly interesting and knowledgeable people from veterinarians, to professional handlers, to people dedicated to the health and genetics of the KBT, to other KBT owners and volunteers just like myself.

All of this could not have been possible without the support of manyvolunteers: first, Linda Aube, who was a fabulous layout editor at the time I initially became the overall editor of the newsletter, and currently, Pat Rank who has stepped in to so expertly fill the layout editor’s position with Linda retired.

Authors like Randy Hayes, Lynn Mathers, Terry Nooyen-Coyner, Tammy Callan, Sharon Arkoff, Linda Grisley, and John Van den Bergh who regularly have contributed articles, and so many others who have said “yes” when I asked them to write a special article for us all: the time and care they took to ensure that their article was balanced, informative and truly of interest to the readers cannot be underestimated and is deeply appreciated.

And there is one more person who volunteered to keep the newsletter moving forward and giving you the wonderful opportunity to continue to improve the quality-of-life of your KBT: the new editor of the newsletter Linda deLeon. I’m looking forward to reading Linda’s first newsletter as editor in the New Year.

Volunteering as the newsletter editor is a perfect example of what people should look for when selecting something to volunteer for: first, find something you have a passion for and want to help make better and stronger. And second, find something that you enjoy doing and that gives you a true sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. There are actually several volunteer positions posted on the KBTF website that sound like they would fit these criteria for the right person. Take a look at the website and consider offering to help if something there interests you.

A Great Volunteer

So a huge cheer for Judi Young, truly one of the great KBTF volunteers! She exemplifies the passion for Kerries, the willingness to step forward to hlep out, the persistence tokeeponworking,andthepenchant for teamwork. She demonstrates her belief that finding the volunteer experience that works well with your skills, interests and passion can be a fabulously rewarding part of one’s life.

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