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Lynn Carrier Rescues, Fosters and crunches $$


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Lynn Carrier from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is an accountant executive assistant and a self-employed tax consultant. A devoted dog enthusiast, she has two rescue Kerries Raffy and Kristin. The story of her acquisition of these dogs tells much about how her devotion and dedication to the KBTF developed.

Her first rescue effort-Raffy (short for Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, named for the grandchildren's delight) was a fortuitous happenstance. Currently 12 years old, Raffy was purchased from a puppy mill before Lynn knew what a puppy mill was or the risks that they pose.

Seven years later, after becoming a devoted volunteer with the KBTF of Canada, Lynn found out that the puppy mill was shutting down so she phoned to see if she could find out where the dogs were going. Lynn was rewarded for this volunteer rescue experience with an offer of Kristie for free. The breeder even delivered her to Lynn's house, the day after Kristie's 8th birthday.

Lynn thus began her real education to the hazards of deal- ing with puppy mills: when she took Kristie to the vet, she found out that Kristie had been operated on for cancer but was not cancer free. Fortunately when the vet spayed her, they took care of the remaining cancer and Kristie has been fine since.

Kristie showed several more sad effects of the puppy mill: her vocal cords cut at the mill! In addition she is missing a piece of her ear and has scars on her neck where she was attacked by the German Shepherds which were also raised at the puppy mill. Thanks to Lynn's rescue effort and excel- lent care, Kristie is now thirteen and a half and seems very happy and healthy. She is a small Kerry but makes her pres- ence known by "oofing" and landing hard on her front feet to emphasize her point.

Lynn has also discovered what many of us who enjoy this breed have learned: that special bond between owner and Kerry. Although she has had many dogs in her life, Raffy is the first that seems to be very sensitive to what she wants and has become something of a "Rescue Volunteer" himself.

Raffy the Rescuer is the one who greets rescued dogs or other dogs staying at the house and makes they welcome. He backs away from his food bowl and gives it to Kristie or any of the rescues but he is adamant that TC (Lynn's three year old golden) not have it. Why? Because TC is overweight and needs to really monitor her eating. Raffy sleeps in the room with Lynn and lays at the foot of the bed or by the entrance to the bedroom because, in Kerry like fashion and true to early Kerry breeding, he is responsible for her safety. He is also responsible to make sure the other dogs don't annoy Lynn. For example, if Lynn is trying to sleep on the couch and one of the other dogs tries to get petted, Raffy will come and sit on Lynn and growl at them - not good for sleeping but he is determined to guard his mistress' welfare.

Lynn is the current treasurer for the KBTF of Canada. She has temporarily fostered one of the rescue dogs, Bree, who came from one of the US rescues. Lynn tells that when Bree came out of the cage in the front yard, Raffy was there to greet her and took her on a tour of the yard while the other dogs watched from behind the back fence. She slept on Lynn's chest a few days after she arrived and often slept in her arms so they really bonded. Her adopted new ownerwas in the process of retiring so she didn't want to take Bree full time until she was ready so Bree ended up living with Lynn for about three months.

At first, Bree was very angry with Lynn when the move finally happened and wouldn't come to Lynn after she went to her new home. But another happy ending-Bree's new owner and Lynn have become very good friends and Bree is always very happy to see Lynn when she goes for a visit.

Lynn learned about the KBTF of Canada and rescue efforts through her job. Lynn was doing income tax for an elderly coupleD. The husband was a judge at dog shows and when they found out that Lynn had a Kerry, they put Lynn in touch with another lady in town who bred Kerries as they knew there was a "Kerry lunch bunch." Lynn joined the group and the rest, as they say, is history. That was probably about eleven years ago, relates Lynn.

Lynn embodies the true spirit of the dedicated volunteer. She tells that ever since she became an adult, she has made a point of taking in stray dogs whenever she could until she found the owner. Sometimes this meant finding a young dog running loose on a busy street and just putting the dog in the front yard until the owner came looking. Other times, it meant taking a golden retriever that her groomer found and contacting the Golden Retriever club to find the breeder who re-homed the dog.

Lynn heartily recommends this experience to others. 'It's nice to know that you are helping animals and with Kerries, the fact that there aren't a lot of them makes it a reasonable goal to get most of them out of puppy mills and other abusive situations," she said. "I think it is a great experience but if you become too attached to the dog, it isn't good for you or the dog, so people need to think seriously about this before taking in a rescue," she cautioned.

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