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Going, going, gone! eBay for the KBTF


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Our Cheers salute this edition goes to volunteer Nancy Joyce from Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada. Nancy is a police officer in addition to being a Kerry owner. Nancy got her first Kerry in 2007 -- Quinn, who is one of the Shelbina Express Rescue dogs. Since then, she not only had Keely as a rescue Kerry, she also fostered Jim, Murphy, and then adopted Southwest Lucy in 2011. Before being introduced to Kerries, her previous experience with Kerries was nil. Currently Nancy’s “pack" consists of Quinn (9 years old) and Lucy (4 years old).

Nancy Joyce recently travelled to Bhutan in the Himalayas. Nancy loves to travel and hike. Behind her is the renowned “Tiger’s Nest” that she hiked to on this trip.

Nancy and her Kerries love to walk and just relax at home, although Nancy shares that she wonders if relaxing is truly possible with a Kerry. Her Kerry Lucy loves to run at full speed around the yard and tries to avoid the light taps as she passes by Nancy. Also, Nancy and her ‘fur-kids’ find that hiking is always a fulfilling activity to share together.

Volunteering Activities

Like many of us, Nancy’s volunteer work for the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation (KBTF) grew out of her Kerry ownership.

Although Nancy had been volunteering for various organizations since she was a teenager, she relates that “Once I became a Kerry owner it just seemed to be a natural progression that I become more involved with the Board in Canada.” About four years ago, Nancy offered to be one of the British Columbia contacts for rescue and Linda Grisley, President of the Canada KBTF and Rescue Director, quickly took her up on the offer.

Nancy also volunteers as the eBay sales coordinator for the KBTF. eBay sales help the Foundation with fundraising. She started this task a few years ago. The eBay Giving Works allows sellers to donate a portion of their sales to a registered charity. Nancy exclusively fundraises for the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation and 100% of all the money raised through eBay sales goes to the KBTF. If anyone is interested in raising money in this way for the KBTF, Nancy would be happy to help them get set up. Nancy says that her volunteer work is a small thing that she can do to help out with the rescue of this wonderful breed of dog and heartily recommends volunteering to others.

What kind of Kerry Blue Terrier things can be found on eBay?

If you go to eBay and type in the search space “Kerry Blue Terrier,” you will see that there are over 3,000 items that feature our beloved KBTs. However, the majority of them do not help the KBTF but are private parties selling items. Many of the items that sell well include house wares - glassware, knick knacks and other items like that. Currently there are some interesting and appealing items for sale,including a silver Kerry Blue Terrier charm, several framed pictures of Kerries, a small wooden Kerry Blue case, hand- painted KBT wine glasses, greeting cards, a silver charm bracelet, trading cards, books, Christmas ornaments, and various other things. While bidding or buying these items could increase our personal collection of KBT “stuff,” these purchases do not help the KBTF.

How does eBay help the KBTF?

There are two ways to find specific items on sale or auction that will help the KBTF: first, on the KBTF website on the home page, on the right hand side of the screen there is a section called “Kerry Shopper.” If you click on that, the third option for shopping is eBay. Clicking on the eBay choice will take you directly to any items for auction or sale that directly benefit the KBTF.

The second way is to go directly to eBay and in the search space type in “kerryblueterrierfoundation604.” Both of these approaches will take you directly to items offered on eBay for which payment will directly and completely benefit the Foundation.

Sales on eBay are dependent upon the items that are donated to the Foundation and whether they're of interest to Kerry owners. Nancy says that when she listed grooming videos recently they sold quickly, so obviously this is an item that we Kerry owners need! If you have any grooming videos that you are not using, they would be an excellent way to help out the Foundation! Nancy will be more than happy either to list an item for you or to help you to set yourself up as the seller. Contact Nancy at and search for our Foundation. Nancy can also help you with this.

While Nancy would prefer to work with sellers to set up an eBay account to donate money to the KBTF through sales, the other way people can help out is by offering good quality Kerry Blue Terrier items to Nancy and she will sell them for you.

Nancy lives and works in Canada and handles all eBay activity for KBTF in both the US and Canada. However, If anyone in the US is interested in selling on eBay on behalf of the KBTF, let Nancy or John Van den Bergh know, as this will make things run more smoothly and the likelihood of an increase in sales is great. Nancy can and will assist others in setting up eBay fundraising if they would like to.

From Board member, to Rescue Coordinator, to rescue Kerry owner, to eBay guru, Nancy really is an extraordinary volunteer to the KBTF. And so our Cheers “Hats off” to Nancy Joyce and big thanks for all the things she does to help the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation!

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