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Cheers! Salute to Pat Rank, the KBTF Newsletter’s Fairy Godmother


© 2015 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Each quarter, the KBTF Newsletter Editor has emailed a string of messages each containing articles and photos for the newsletter. Then our page-composition artist, Pat Rank, waves her magic wand over the mass of material and bibbity-bobbity- boo! -- the mess is transformed into the beautiful publication you receive. And the special wonder of this is that Pat is completely self-trained in the craft of page-making and the software required!

Pat Rank is a legal secretary, an occupation she has held for 35 years. She is married to Tom Rank and they have a son, Kevin, a daughter, Andrea, a grandson, Parker, and a second grandchild on the way.

Pat writes that she and the girls are inseparable while at home — in typical Kerry fashion, they stick to Pat like glue. When she does yard work, they chase squirrels. While she does the housework, they follow her from room to room. When she watches TV, they play with their toys and take naps. And when she makes meals, they wait for treats. “They are pure joy,” concludes Pat.

Pat may be a familiar name to newsletter readers because she assumed the role of Newsletter Layout Designer upon the retirement of Linda Aube in 2013. Linda, who lives less than an hour away, was able to give Pat a personal tutorial and graciously shared her vast layout knowledge with her. As layout designer for the newsletter, Pat formats the stories written by various contributors and edited by the newsletter editor. Pat then arranges the articles into suitable columns, incorporating photos & various sorts of graphics, making sure everything ts within whatever page limit has been decided upon.

Pat volunteered to help with the newsletter after having been a subscriber since 2000 when her family rst acquired Bartley. For many years, as she was learning about the breed, Pat says that she greatly appreciated the efforts of the Foundation to educate KBT lovers and arrange for the rescue of KBTs in need. Then when she was in a position to volunteer, she was happy to offer her assistance. “And it has been a pleasure,” Pat proclaims. “I still love reading the information about KBTs, hearing the different stories of Kerry antics, rescue e orts, etc. And I have enjoyed the privilege of contributing to the newsletter so that the Foundation's work on behalf of the KBTs in need of help can continue. Photos of happy Kerries always bring me a smile, so I love to load up the nooks and crannies of the newsletter with extra photos. Of course, to promote adoptions, prominent photos of the rescued Kerries are a necessity, too. I'm always on the hunt for Kerry clip art, Irish themes, jots and tittles, to add to the newsletter, just to keep it interesting. (Have you seen the cover on the PetEdge holiday catalog ? - it's a Kerry!!)”

Of herself, Pat writes: “I love my two Kerries to pieces. But we do not show, we do not compete, we do not go out much. I generally enjoy gardening, knitting, sewing and crafts of all types. A real homebody, I love to knit and often design my own knitting projects - but almost always I give them away as gifts. I have recently embarked on a large quilting project for Christmas gifts - including making a full size Crazy Quilt, using my brother-in-law's old fish shirts! I also work in my iris garden as much as the weather and my back will permit. My current project offers of help are welcome.
Perhaps, suggests Pat, you can find some room (small, medium or large) in your schedule to give back to the organization that shares with you a mutual interest in the health and well-being of the amazing Kerry Blue Terrier.

We all owe a debt of gratitude and many thanks to Pat Rank for her assistance in preparing the newsletter. Pat is not only skilled but also modest, writing that she was afraid she was “too boring to merit an article in the newsletter.” On the contrary, Pat is a perfect example of many of us who are devoted to the KBT breed but don’t show or enter their dogs in competition, preferring just to love and enjoy them at home.

And so we salute Pat Rank, and thank her for helping us all, through her splendid work on the newsletter, to further enjoy our own beloved Kerry Blue Terriers.

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