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Cheers for Photo Editor Jirina Thompson


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Enjoying a hike: Jirina Thompson with her KBT Bailey and Bailey’s best friend, Cobalt.

If you have even spent time enjoying the many photos of Kerry Blue terriers in the Photo Gallery on the (old) KBTF website, you are familiar with the work of Jirina Thompson, the person who serves as the Photo Editor for the gallery and who receives our Cheers salute in this newsletter. Jirina lives in Tracy, CA and in her non-Kerry time, she is a Project Manager at AT&T. She is married, by her own admission, to her high school sweetheart Beaux. They just had their first child 7 months ago, a baby girl named Paiton. Her ‘furry family’ consists of two cats (both rescues) and two dogs (a Kerry Blue & a Pit Bull).

Jirina has owned a Kerry for the last 9 years, a 9 year old female named Bailey. Jirina and Bailey’s favorite activities are hiking and playing fetch “Bailey loves to BARK!” reports Jirina. Bailey especially barks when the family returns home, “Almost as if we are intruders in our own house.” Bailey’s best friend is the other family dog, Cobalt, a 10 year old male blue pit-bull, whom Bailey has grown up with since she was a puppy. Bailey loves to run around the backyard and play tug of war with him and she loves to finish off his dinner when she’s done with hers. Jirina reports that Bailey “is a little piglet.”

Those of us who have perused the KBTF online photo gallery owe a great debt to our Cheer’s volunteer this newsletter. Jirina is the Photo Editor for the online photo gallery. In this position, she receives edits and re-sizes the photos as needed. She then selects which category/album best fits the photo, finally uploading all of the photos which are submitted into their appropriate album.

Bailey and Cobalt watching the world from their window.

Jirina has been in this position since 2008 after she learned about this volunteer opportunity when she saw a listing online that the Foundation was looking for help with the online photo albums. At the time the gallery was being revamped & moved into the new gallery format we see today. Initially she assisted with the daunting task of moving over 1,600 photos and designing all of the Kerry Blue category icons. Currently there are almost 1,800 photos online to browse through! One of the features of the photo gallery is that the photos are on an “auto” rotate so every time you view a page inside of a particular category different photos will appear.

Jirina has divided the Pe various albums on the website, each identified with a unique icon, which

Jirina designed:

  • Photo Wheel (more about that later)
  • Show shots
  • Puppy Play (some of the cutest puppy photos you will ever see)
  • Performance events (agility, herding etc.)
  • Studio shots (those professionally shot photos)
  • Family portraits (Jirina would like to see more people submitting photos for this album)
  • Travel (Kerries on journeys about the world)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Costumes
  • Christmas (also includes all the entries for the past Christmas card contests by year)
  • Art room (includes paintings, embroidery and even a tattoo of Kerry Blues)
  • In Memoriam (the photos and stories of Kerries who have left us are in the album by year)
  • Advertising Models (Did you know that the back portion of a KBT was used in an ad for a winery? See it in this album)
  • Stamps (features photos of KBT stamps from throughout the world)
  • Olden Days (fabulous photos of the first KBTs)

Within each album at the very bottom of the page are the numbers for the next pages that you can easily click on and move to the next page to see additional photos in the album. Some albums have over 10 pages while others only have a few pages but don’t miss any of them.

The first icon you will see is the Photo Wheel. This is an exciting, constantly changing set of the 19 newest, most recently submitted photos. As your photo goes to Jirina and on to the website, it will first go to the Photo Wheel and then move into the category were it will reside forever. Don’t miss checking out the Photo Wheel for the absolutely latest photos submitted to the website.

Beautiful Bailey

The best thing about this experience? Jirina has learned a few things by being the website’s photo editor. The most interesting is that every Kerry Blue “really does look like mine! It’s almost as if everyone is submitting a photo of my own Kerry to upload. Many of the photos make me smile.”

Jirina was born in Czechoslovakia and her family moved here when she was 3. Since being photo editor she has learned that many Czechs have Kerries. Since she had always been

drawn to Kerries, she wonders if she may have known one when she was a little girl back in Czechoslovakia.

Jirina would love for more readers to send in a photo of their Kerries directly to her at It’s simple: just include some info about the photo and dog, and she will work to get it online into the gallery. She would especially like to have more photos submitted of Kerries with their humans to put in the Family album!

She even has a tip to help us take better photos of our KBT: Pay attention to the background of your photo. Having a background that is too busy distracts from the KBT, your main subject. One trick is to just pay attention to the angle you are shooting from: holding the camera angle a little higher or a little lower while shooting can help reduce the amount of distracting background that appears in the photo. However, Jirina says that she has never had a photo where the quality was too terrible to put on the website!

Many thanks to Jirina Thompson for her work and skills that make the KBTF Photo Galley the thing of beauty and fun that it is. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words and Jirina’s work speaks volumes and volumes for us all.

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