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Cheers for Douglas White


Are you one of the people who looks forward to the Question of the Week (the “QOTW”)? Did you know it's been asked weekly for the past fifteen years?! Do you know who cooks up those questions? The answer is this newsletter’s Cheers volunteer, Douglas White, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Doug writes that he is a relative newbie to the KBTF team of volunteers.

Two years ago John Van den Bergh sent out an appeal for help copying articles into the new website and Doug thought, "Hmmmm."

The Whites' first terrier had been a Wheaten. When the appeal went out two years ago, the Whites owned a Kerry named “Saxon Blue.” Doug says that he felt as though Saxon Blue had chosen him, and they had become very close. Saxon Blue had died in Doug’s arms not yet a year before John's appeal had caught his attention.

Doug explains that he wanted to make a significant donation to the KBTF rescue in memory of Saxon Blue, and upon reflection he decided that volunteering would be a perfect way to help not only his beloved Kerries but also John. Although Doug had never met John, he had held him in great admiration for the countless hours John has devoted over many years to managing the KBTF and helping Kerry Blues just like Doug’s beloved Saxon. Volunteering for the Foundation thus was an “out of the limelight way” of giving back to the Foundation and honoring John.

Given the job description, Doug was concerned about his lack of computer skills, but writes that “John was true to his word that I would be well trained and supported, and in fact my transition from idiot to expert was almost painless.” In this way, Doug White became the content updater for the KBTF's new website.

As the end of the website transition neared, and after almost fourteen years as the Question of the Week guy, John approached Doug to take over his QOTW responsibilities. Doug says that he was terrified. “I would have to stick at least one foot out from my closet of obscurity. What if I made a grammatical error or a spelling mistake? I failed spelling at least twice on my way to a career as a geophysicist in Calgary.” However, Doug’s daughter assured him that once he stopped using Notepad and entered the 21st century, his spelling errors would be underlined in red, “just like teacher used to do!” Doug says he slept better that night.

So our thanks to Doug White, website updater and QOTW expert for the KBTF. Doug says that he is a small cog in an organization filled with dedicated volunteers who care about “some furry grey/black critters who can't care for themselves and who seem to believe we humans are worthy of their devotion.” Through the KBTF, Doug says that he is trying to do his little bit not to disappoint them.

Of the Foundation, he says: “Great cause, great people! Many thanks to the McQuays and everyone else who welcomed me into the fold.” Doug concludes by indicating that he still has a small black hole to fill in his life. “Fingers crossed the day will come when I can provide a good home for another Kerry.” So Cheers to Douglas White – a devoted volunteer!

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