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Rockwell's Finnegan


Rockwell’s Finnegan

August 27, 1997 to August 27, 2012

Finn came to us after a brief early fling in Northern California. No hard feelings, no recriminations, just a no-fault break-up and Finn found his way to us thru an owner placement referral from the KBTF (we’ll be forever grateful to Eileen Andrade!). His trainer nick-named him “Mr. Good Boy” because he wanted so badly to please…but he just got a little excited sometimes. Despite a lifelong inability to distinguish a dog toy from a stuffed animal (and in one embarrassing incident, a prized Cabbage Patch doll), he retained his “good boy” standing because he was so gentle with his toys.

Finn was always happy, loved people and other dogs, and had a great sense of humor. His trainer somehow knew that this ADD terrier would be a natural off lead: Finn was just so proud to be trusted, tearing back at top speed on command. He ran with “his” pack in doggy day care in the woods, coming home so happily exhausted. On one walk with us, he started too quickly down a hill, and ended up somersaulting through the snow, skidding across the ice at the bottom on his stomach with paws pointing in all directions, finally slamming into a snowbank on the other side. He jumped up, happily shook himself off, and looked at us as if to say “what’s the judges’ score on that one???!!!” On one sweltering day we got back to the trail’s end, and he tried to go with the hikers just starting their walk rather than stop the fun – despite his tongue lolling out of his head.

His daily humor is what we will remember most. Howling if we were too slow with his food prep, sometimes so hard he would fall over backwards. The “terrier nutty” he would throw when he had too much energy, just running full bore thru the house. Playing “hide and seek” or “find” and how thrilled he would be when he found me or the treat. And how he would bark at Brian’s father whenever he was standing up (we think just to mess with him because Brian’s father was the one who turned us onto Kerries and he loved Finn). And the time he barked at a guest who stayed too late, keeping him from going to bed. How much he loved to chase frozen peas.

A happy only dog, Finn welcomed Jess into his life at age eight and the two became inseparable. He was her protector, making sure that the intruders at the front door were okay – and then letting her get attention first. He kept the waves at the beach from hurting her (she was quite suspicious), and he always walked “point.” And, the time she suddenly bit him on the nose for no reason, he just came home to excitedly tell her about the goat he met at the vet!

At the end of the day, Finn wanted to cuddle on the couch. He was a smaller Kerry, very light on his feet and oh so graceful. And such a gentle soul, sensing when something was wrong and trying to offer comfort, looking up with those sweet Finn eyes. He helped us through the losses of our fathers, and then through my mother’s battle with and death from Alzheimer’s. He always knew when to be a clown, and when to simply lie on your lap and be petted.

“…he will be our friend for always and always and always.'" Rudyard Kiping.

Regina Corry

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