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Myra, Princess of Pout

Our beloved Myra, Princess of Pout, Dallaroo Miss Moynahan, crossed the
Rainbow Bridge Friday November 24th. It is difficult to write this because
of the huge hole in my heart where she lived but she had been slowly
progressing in less than perfect health for several months now. She became
truly ill over the past five weeks. Despite x-rays, seemingly endless lab
tests, two ultrasounds, an endoscope and biopsy, plus multiple specialists
none of her physicians were ever able to accurately diagnosis the cause.
During the past months, she was on multiple antibiotics, a long course of
steroids, spent a week in the “hospital” on IVs and still did not respond
well to anything. She had great difficulty eating for the past month and
refused to eat anything for the last week of her life. Multiple diagnoses
were considered and explored but the true cause is still a mystery. We will
be waiting for some final results to see if it can be identified.

Myra was a blessing in our lives. She went to her final sleep peacefully on
one of her favorite cuddle beds in her own home, looking out into her back
yard with the sun shining, her “Mom” holding her head and stroking her
softly while her favorite doctor eased the way and took away her pain. We
have been so fortunate to have her in our life. We have also been blessed to
have a community of caring veterinary physicians to guide us these past 9 1⁄2
years, especially during her final hours. She was the joy of our lives and
I wanted you to know about her parting. I am comforted that we had done
everything we possibly could have done and made the right decision to let
her cross the Rainbow Bridge when we did. She definitely was ready and I
believe relieved to go to her final peace.

Myra had a wonderful almost 11 years of life. I believe she was very happy
living in Spokane with her parks, squirrels and many friends as well as
loving her earlier years in Honolulu and Sydney. She was a rare and much
loved companion and friend. I am so overwhelmed with sorrow right now that I
am not able to talk about it further at this point but I know your thoughts
will be with us and that will strengthen me. Please understand if I do not
reply to you right now: I am still hearing her footsteps in the kitchen,
talking to her about the house, and reaching my hand out to touch her as I
sit on the couch watching TV: she was deeply loved and is sorely missed.

“Myra Young”
Dallaroo Miss Moynahan
Canine Good Citizen
Sire Aust. Ch. Dallaroo Mr Monaghan Too
Dam: Aust Ch. Dallaroo Irish Rose
Born January 24, 1996 Sydney Australia
Died November 24, 2006 Spokane WA USA

About the picture:

This is my husband's and my favorite photo of Myra. We were coming
back from a vacation in B.C. and had stopped to take some photos of the
scenery. Myra was just sitting in the back seat in her favorite spot taking
it all in. The wind was blowing a little, ruffling her beard a bit and she
was so happy. This shows her "less than show quality ears" but also her
overall sparkle, her enjoyment of rides and delight in the world overall.

Judi Young
Spokane, WA

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