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In memory of Kiara Kai, Princess of Play

How lonely the world is without you, Kiara Kai! In December 2006, when we first met you and you greeted us with such a happy, wildly wagging tail, Don was in your paws from that moment! It took me a nanosecond longer to be ensnared in your joyful ways but once it happened, you were ours and we were yours forever. Your toy box still sits near the fireplace, complete with many of your toys that you so loved like Monkey Man, Cute Puppy, Sneaky Snake, Wiggly Ball, Ducky, Purple Germ, Big O, Orange Julius, Quacker Wacker, and so many more—all whom you knew by name. I am not sure how we are able to drive anywhere without you sitting in the back seat giving us directions with your so very vocal back-seat talking, or how we are able to bring grocery bags or boxes in the house without your first inspecting them for our safety, or how we can sit on the couch at night without you stuffing one of your toys under it and then staring at us when you can no longer get it out as if to say “Well, come on Mom, there is a toy stuck under here—I have no idea how it got there but I NEED it out now!”, or how we can walk past puddles and not walk right through them as you so enjoyed doing, or how I can even think about enjoying a bite of cheese without those big copper-colored eyes looking at me with such longing, or how we can keep the squirrels and/or gecko’s at bay now, or how I can take a photo of anything without you wanting to be in the picture posing like the Princess that you were, or how I can go to sleep at night without being able to see your beautiful shape either next to me or at the foot of the bed. You lived so happily in our two worlds: Hawaii where enjoyed the beaches and geckos and Spokane where you chased the squirrels and jumped into the many rivers and lakes with great glee. Now both these worlds feel empty without your presence. You left a big hole in our hearts but you left us with so many warm, funny, wonderful memories filled with joy and laughter. These are what we will cherish as we think of you—and in this way you will continue to make us smile.

Many thanks to Kiara’s incredible breeder and our friend Natalia Samaj-Kunze and her mother Nora Samajova who taught Kiara her excellent manners for sharing this one-of-a-kind Kerry blue with us. She was truly a blessing in your lives and is sorely missed.

Kiara Kai, Princess of Play
USA CH Lady Wirginia Braudag
August 10, 2001-May 3, 2014

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