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Katie "The Sweetest Dog This Side of Heaven"

She was a Counter Surfer Extraordinaire!

Katie - Abbey's Mary Kate Donagher, CD, CGC, TT, HIC (sheep & ducks)
October 13, 1991 - February 18, 2008

In her younger days she could carefully negotiated getting plates or bowls of food off the counter and onto the floor - only once was anything broken. At the 2002 Kimberton Agility Trials, some poor worker lost their lunch - Katie wolfed down a sandwich left unattended near the starting gate. She was christened "The Bacon Queen" one Montgomery Weekend - she enjoyed my double BLT's, ordered with great difficulty, at a not so Friendly's Restaurant. Katie loved it when George BBQ'd 10 or 20 pounds of hamburger; she would patiently wait till they were left unattended to cool. She even took the odd chop hot off the grill. Once, after opening the door for our dinner guests, we found her in the back room enjoying the steak which had been left, supposedly safe, to marinate. At age 13 she got up on the dining room table to eat a bag of dog biscuits.

Katie was a smart, intelligent Kerry, with a mind of her own. She enjoyed Agility, hated Obedience and found great joy in Herding. Just three years ago she wowed the Herding Instinct evaluator who had never seen Kerries working sheep.

Katie developed Cushings about five years ago. An MRI showed a macro tumour on her pituitary. She introduced Vetoryl (imported from the UK under special permit) to the Toronto veterinarians. Now, thanks to Katie, many pets with Cushings are enjoying a better quality of life.

She loved me dearly and I loved her dearly - she was my shadow, my protector and was always happiest when she could be near me. I promised her she would never leave me and she won't - she will live forever in my heart.

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She's Lovely Van Daelenbroek whelps AGAIN the largest Kerry litter of record: 10 puppies. Her first litter on March 14, 2001 also was 10 puppies.

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