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Ch. Why Not's Jumpstart


Ch. Why Not's Jumpstart


Bred, owned and loved by Nancie Echeverria

1997 - 2001

I can do anything!

by Nancie Echeverria

I can do anything!

I can do anything at all......

And I'll do it for you! Just ask me.....!

Slay dragons ?
No problem! I can do that!

How many stairsteps can I take at one time?
All of them, ....of course!

How high do you want me to jump?
I can leap twice as high as that! Just watch me!

Lie quietly at your feet? No job is too big for me.
....... Anything you ask!

I can do it! ....please! ..... Just give me the chance!

What is it you want me to do?

Just tell me......

Take out the neighbors' junkyard dogs?
You got it!
In a heartbeat!

But, wait.....

....I have my own plans........

Just give me my moment of freedom........

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Today is October 22, 2017

In this month in 1987:

The Southern California Kerry breeder, Ray Perry, was murdered on his way back from a dog show.

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