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Breeze (Aisling's Offshore Breeze)

March 20, 1996 to April 5, 2013

On March 20, 2013, Breeze (Aisling's Offshore Breeze) celebrated a happy 17th birthday. We believe she was the oldest living Kerry in the world at that time. Sadly, about a week after her birthday, her health began to deteriorate rapidly with loss of mobility and nose bleeds as a result of a nasal tumour. She died peacefully the morning of April 5, 2013. Her breeders, Marilyn and Bob Brotherton, would have been proud of her long and healthy life.

As one Kerry lover observed, Breeze had a 'grand run'. We attributed her longevity to great genes, incredible stubbornness, and daily tooth brushing; perhaps her rural lakeside home also played a part. In the end, she won the tooth brushing war and did not have to have her teeth brushed the last two weeks of her life.

Breeze was a healthy Kerry, but tough when need be. She had a toe amputated at age 15 ½ due to a nasty growth and a growth removed on the edge of her eye by laser surgery at age 16 ½. She came through both operations with flying colours. The only surgery that gave her trouble was when she was spayed at about a year old. She went into shock after she got home and Larry spent the night cuddled up to her on a heated tile floor to keep her warm. (We are thinking anesthetic has changed since 1997.)

Breeze's first buddy was Casey (Ch Aisling's Northern Light). He loved her immediately and they had 10 great years together. After Casey's death, Annie (Ch Malahideblue Out of the Woods AGNJJ) became her housemate. The only time Breeze ever growled at another dog was when one came over a fence to attack Annie when Annie was about four months old. Breeze stepped in front of Annie, stood her ground, raised her hackles and growled. (Between Breeze's growling and Linda's screaming the dog backed off.) In 2007, Kevin (GRCH Kenan's Beneath the Waves CGN) joined the girls in their home in Sandy Hook, Manitoba. He was the lynch pin between them, dividing his attention equally between the two girls.

As a senior Breeze came into her own winning more and more fans every day, both in person and in the virtual world-wide Kerry community. Over the last few years, the staff at The Pawsh Dog (Winnipeg) became her biggest fans and her second family. Our thanks go out to them for all the love and care they gave Breeze whenever she stayed with them.

Breeze also began her show career as a veteran in Red River Terrier Association Specialty at age 12. She loved to go to the RRTA Specialty where she got lots of treats and judges were impressed she still had all her teeth. She was Best Veteran in Sweeps at age 15.

Most of all, Breezy the Breeze Girl was beloved by many, especially Larry and Linda. Larry was Breeze's extra special human ever since she picked him as her owner when she was "pink girl" at about eight weeks of age.

Our thanks also go to Dr. Kris Torske, Dr. Lisa Taylor and all the staff at Gimli Veterinary Clinic for their caring and support.

Breeze was a unique spirit and a gentle soul. May all your Kerries live as long and as happily - may they live 'til their ears stand up.

Linda Lee

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