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"The Kerry newslist with a heart"

In November 1995, KerryBlues-L became the first internet newslist dedicated to Kerry Blue Terriers and their owners. The list is owned by the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, a non-profit public charity. Our corporate sponsor allow us to provide this free service.

Once you are a subscriber, you can "post" a message, which will be distributed to all the subscribers. As of June 1, 2012, over 500 Kerry Blue folks from all continents have subscribed.

The list welcomes all Kerry Blue owners, prospective owners, breeders, exhibitors, or anyone with an interest in the breed.

Absolutely anything that has something to do with Kerry Blues may be discussed, such as conformation, temperament, obedience, herding, agility, health issues, brags and friendly chat. The list provides public education, fosters ethical breeding practices, and promotes responsible breeding and dog ownership.

Every week we post a new Question of the Week. And every month we select the best post and publish it on this web site.

This monitored list is an excellent source of Kerry Blue information. Whenever you have a question about this breed, chances are your peers on the list have a solution.

Best of all, the list is safe: no food fights, no personal attacks, no snide remarks -- just good clean fun & info!

KerryBlues-L is the only Kerry Newslist endorsed by the English and Canadian Kerry Blue Terrier clubs.

To sign up for KerryBlues-L, compose an e-mail message as follows:
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In a few minutes, the listserv computer will respond with a confirmation question. Follow the simple instructions. Soon you will be talking with Kerry-people all over the world.

OR use the website interface:

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If you have any problems signing on, send your real name to Anne Corke ( and she'll gladly set you up.

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