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Each year, the Kerry Foundation handles dozens of Kerries that need new homes, and not all of them are listed here.  Since we keep your application on file for two years, we sometimes place a rescue Kerry with such an applicant, and in that case, the dog will not appear here.  Please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire so that we are aware of your interest in owning our breed.

Because expenses on rescuing even a young, healthy dog can exceed $500 in veterinary tests and treatment, donations to our Rescue program are always needed and gratefully received.

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The Foundation does not have a kennel facility. All our rescue dogs are temporarily placed with a foster family. You too could be a foster family.

Sometimes a rescue Kerrie can not be placed. A few elite foster families are currently fostering a number of "permanent foster" dogs. The Foundation covers all expenses for these Kerries. Here are their stories.

When a Kerry is placed, you can find updates on his rescue and new life on the pages below. Note to new owners: please send updates & photos to


Ms.  Finney……..A Darling Diva

Rescue Coordinator: Kim Applegate at

Latest Update

Finney is an 8 year old spayed, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier.  She was surrendered by her owner when the owner moved and thought that Finney would be uncomfortable with the  move as well as not doing well in another apartment environment.

Finney loves all people.  As far as she is concerned, the more people,  the better the party.  She loves to have company and has never met a stranger.  Her foster mom refers to her as, “a charmer”.

Finney does not like other animals and is quite anxious when they are around.  The foster has been working with her and a behaviorist to lower the anxiety level when she sees other dogs and then act more appropriately.

She is not a dog that will go to the dog park, doggie day care, join in on a jog or trail hike or go for a walk with another dog or group of dogs.  Oh no, this girl is interested in lying by the fire with a gaggle of toys and people around.  She also does need “girl time” on a feather comforter (see picture).  Finney knows what a good Kerry deserves.

Finney would thrive in a home where there is someone home with her during the day (the homes she has been in have all had 8-5 or more worker bee hours), with a securely fenced yard where she could play with her toys (we understand she is very fond of toys) and interact with her humans.  In the home, she is simply a love and wants to be with her “people”.  Kerry experience would also be required.  She needs a knowledgeable Kerry person and a soft lap!

Finney has “been around” while in foster care and met many people.  They all describe her as a lovely dog and a real love of a gal.  Any number of the people she has met have volunteered to be a reference for her.

April 1, 2015

Finney is coming along well with her training and is very happy. Her health remains good. She also has great taste and has taken to a very expensive sleeping bag.... that is now out of sight and out of reach!

Here are her latest photos.

If you are interested in this gorgeous girl, please fill out our adoption request form. For more info, contact Kim Applegate ( or Dianne Collins (

If you can't adopt, please consider becoming a Kerry Angel.

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
William Hufler
Jeff Nelson
Tony Brogden

Meet Oliver

Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna
Fostered in Georgia

Latest Update

Ollie is a 9 year young, neutered, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier in good health who was rescued by the Foundation from a puppy mill. He is coming back into Foundation rescue because his owner is having health problems and can no longer care for him.

Oliver is being fostered in Georgia and is under evaluation. He is getting along with other Kerries in the foster's home but we feel like he would really like to be an only dog.


This boy has been confined in the home for a while and is very much enjoying the opportunity to be "out and about" with more freedom. You can simply see the smile on his face in the pictures. A home with a fenced yard would be required and someone home with him during the day would be a big plus in Oliver's book. A retired couple with Kerry experience would be ideal.

If you are on the East Coast or live further away but would be willing to make arrangements to meet with Ollie while considering him for adoption, please contact the rescue coordinator listed below. Oliver will not be shipped without a face to muzzle meeting.


April 7, 2015 Update

Ollie is doing great in his foster home!  He is getting along with other Kerries, an 8 year old boy and is a people person.  The foster reports that he only “wants to please” and stick close to family members.  Because he is a slightly nervous dog, we think Ollie may do well in a home with a laid back female, or a home where is someone is home most of the time to give him the attention he craves.

Ollie needs to put a little weight on but we feel like he would be ready to go to a new forever home in May.

Could this handsome guy be the Kerry you are looking for!.  He would like to have his own people.

April 13, 2015 Update

Here is a new picture of Oliver with his "friends".

He has been shaved back down to observe a skin condition. He is the shaved Kerry on the left.

If interested, please fill out our adoption request form.

Please contact our Rescue Coordinator for the Southeast, George Hanna:

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Beth Konkle
Jeff Nelson
Brad Hunsaker

Nunzio looking for a forever home

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff,
Fostered in Massachusetts

Nunzio, an intact male, is among the sweetest guys I have ever met, of any species.

Like his sister, Nunzio resembled a walking haystack at rescue and so was shaved down, earning himself much praise and adoration at the groomer's, where he apparently was extremely charming. He also has the soft loose silky coat and adorable white dot on his chest, and having had his bath and shave and now on a new diet, his skin and coat are improving and a couple thin spots in his coat are already beginning to grow in.

Nunzio is a "leaner," and is only too happy to find a human, any human, and lean against their knees while gazing softly up at them and generally melting the hearts of even the most curmudgeonly "I'm not a dog person" persons.

Nunzio is very smart, most of the time, and in two days learned how to climb stairs all by himself, and was extremely proud of this. He hasn't figured out how to get started on the stairs without a running leap, though, such that it is very entertaining to see him gathering himself, judging the distance, and then lurching for the stairs. Nunzio figured out walks by the third trip around the neighborhood, and now trots along on a loose leash exuding willingness to please and interest in the world.

Nunzio is wonderful with my grade-school age children, and loves to lie on the couch with his muzzle on my husband's stomach. Nunzio likes playing with toys well enough, but generally he just kills them with a few quick shakes and then stuffs them into the corners of the couch and is done with them.

Nunzio has no clue of how to behave around other dogs, and was never allowed to interact with his sister due to concerns that they would be aggressive with each other, but Nunzio has been appropriate when meeting friendly dogs. Well, that's not exactly true. He is frozen in cluelessness when meeting other dogs. Today an off leash Pomeranian-ish mix ran up to him and began pleasantries, and Nunzio stood there in shock while she repeatedly whopped him in the face with her luxuriant tail. However, he is beginning to understand that when you meet other nice dogs, everybody sniffs and then moves on. If other dogs are reactive toward Nunzio, he returns their posturing and barking and lunging, but is extremely easy to redirect and actually he hasn't even been reacting to other reactionary dogs, the past few days. He is learning social skills from several very large, very low-key males in the neighborhood and doing well.

Nunzio has two speeds: 1) alert and engaged and attentive to your slightest move, and 2) asleep. He can sleep anywhere. Right now he's asleep, upside down, on a semi-deflated air mattress on the floor of my office. Nunzio also likes to lie in the "flying frog" position, on his belly with both hind legs straight out behind him, which is cute.

Nunzio has lovely leash manners, and is far from an alpha dog, but he also has no clue of what training is, and gazes at you and cocks his head in sympathy with your insanity when you issue commands. He does seem to understand "no" and "off," though he can't believe you're really serious. Nunzio would be best as the only pet in the home, due to his former owner's concerns about him being aggressive to Roxanne, though so far we haven't seen Nunz-man initiating aggression.

Nunzio is not good with cats. We're working on it, but..... He is not good with cats.

Nunzio reportedly had one episode of what his vet thought was autoimmune hemolytic anemia a number of years ago, which was treated with steroids and resolved. This disease normally is progressive and fatal, as I understand it, so maybe it wasn't really autoimmune hemolytic anemia. In any case, all his blood work is great at this time, though he would benefit from some routine arthritis support as is normal for a dog of this age.

We would like Nunzio to find a forever home where he will get lots of affection, walks, nap-time company, and gentle but clear guidance as for any terrier.

Nunzio is being fostered in Massachusetts. If interested, please fill out an adoption request form. For information on Nunzio, please contact Sharon Arkoff at, or call 978-443-2041.

Jeff Nelson
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Anne Corke
Mark Rogers
Tony Brogden

Rafie! 4 ½ Year Old Neutered Male KBT

Rescue Coordinator: Priscilla Harvey,
Fostered in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Rafie, as in Rafaelo is a purebred KBT and is the newest Kerry in foster care. Rafie was on the short timers list in a shelter. Rafie's first turn of good luck was when the Foundation became aware of his plight and pulled him out with only days to go. His second turn of luck was finding himself in a great foster home where he is now able to experience the good life.

Rafie got into a dust-up with another dog in his former home and though the other dog apparently started the fight, Rafie was turned in immediately to a shelter that does euthanize.

In everyone's best interest, Rafie would do best in a home as the only dog. At four and a half, Rafie has lots of energy. He exhibits special expertise with a ball, showing soccer style moves.

The coat that was shaved down at the shelter is growing back quite well and he has good Kerry color. He also has lovely, expressive eyes and seems to really like people! Rafie probably came from a puppy mill and he has a very short tail but very cute ears to compliment his lovely silver coat.

Please consider Rafie if you want a guy who can keep up with you! A fenced yard and someone who is home during the day would be plus in Rafie's book……more room to chase the balls….don't 'cha know?!

Rafie is fostered in the Mid-Atlantic area.

If you are interested in Ralfie, please fill out an adoption request form, and contact Priscilla Harvey at:


Jeff Nelson
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Tony Brogden
Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks

Aiden, a 10 month old male

Rescue Coordinator: Regina Corry,
Fostered in Virginia

Forget cold fusion: we have Aiden , a ten month old Kerry boy who is all energy, all the time. He burned through his first two homes, which simply weren't prepared for a normal Kerry puppy. Here are some pictures of him travelling to his foster home. Everyone involved in his rescue contemplated dognapping him, so look back at your own peril. Aidan is the complete package: a beautiful, intelligent Kerry with a delightful temperament.

Aiden has a gorgeous and soft wavy coat, expressive eyes, and wonderful movement. He is a joy to watch as he struts around the house and yard. While he didn't seem to know his name or commands, he learned (relearned?) to sit if he wants something – food, to go through a door, a treat. But, his favorite version of sit is to quickly touch the floor with his rear: we are working on that! This is a smart boy. He is very, very sweet and affectionate: he loves to give Kerry kisses and get attention. He is getting along well with his intact foster brother, although he is that pushy little brother, and in a few months will likely try to be the alpha with adult dogs.

Aiden needs a home that will understand and welcome his energy. He has two speeds: turbocharged and…oh wait, he only has one speed. On his breakout day, he spent six hours in two different cars with new folks, and didn't sleep a wink. Then he ran around the yard chasing balls and playing with another new human for 45 minutes, another hour playing with his foster brother, then had a bath, then another 45 minutes of dog play, then dinner, then another hour of play – and he had no idea why the humans thought he should sleep or peacefully play with a treat-stuffed Kong??!!! More, more, more action please. He has a very calm disposition, just wants to always be doing something. He is quite confident, maybe a bit cocky, and full of Kerry charm.

A fenced yard is a must, and someone who will match his desire for constant motion. He is a natural for agility. He sees no reason for the three steps onto the porch, and went flying from a two foot wall down into the middle of a staircase. He will need basic obedience training, as he has no couth. He thinks he is a kite when on leash, pulling at the anchor that is the human. However, when there is a treat he will walk in "cookie position" so he just needs a lot of practice. He requests a home with no baths and no grooming please, as he has decided that those are completely unnecessary and not on his fun list as they require him to stand somewhat still.

Aiden will remain in foster care until he is further evaluated and neutered. He is fostered in Virgina.

If you are interested in Aiden, please fill out an adoption request form. Once that is submitted, you can contact Regina Corry,


Casey, A 10-year old male

Rescue Coordinator: Mimi Karsh
Fostered in Colorado

Latest Update

Casey is a 10+years young Kerry gentleman recently returned to the Foundation by his adoptive owner, who through some difficult life changes, found it necessary to ask the Foundation to, once again, find him a new home.

Casey is in fine health, enjoys a good meal and a nice nap on the couch (until he gets caught and has to retreat to his comfy dog bed). Don't get the idea that this guy is just a handsome "couch potato". He will bring one of his toys to you and do his version of "fetch" endlessly. That's where you throw his toy, he runs to it, picks it up, and returns it to about ten feet from you. We're working on bringing it back all the way but he still likes his rules of play. He walks beautifully on a leash and looooves a good car ride.


He gets along beautifully with the permanent resident Mini Schnauzer (no easy task!) and every other four and two legged individual he's met. He is both kid and cat tested and has been gentle and curious about both.

Casey would do best in a home with someone who is home a lot as he loves people and has spent most of his previous life "home alone". He could easily live with another dog or two as well.



Casey is being fostered in Colorado and would prefer to stay in the area as he has heard how hard flying is these days.



May 13, 2015 Update

Casey is doing well in his foster home. He is described as a love who is no trouble at all to have around and was quick to catch on to the routines in the house. This boy knows what is going on. Casey also does very well with his two "girlfriends", foster Annie and at home hostess with the mostess, little Wilma.

Annie, Casey and Wilma

He enjoys the sleep overs as well as looking forward to the start of a new day. You can see in the picture at the top of the stairs that his tail is wagging so fast that it is a blur!

Please send inquiries to: Mimi Karsh at or (303) 284 9859

PS. If you can't adopt, please consider a small credit card donation. With so many rescue Kerries in our program, our financial resources are stretched.


Jeff Nelson
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Mark Rogers
Tony Brogden


If you don't find a Kerry for you on this page, don't despair. Fill out the Fill out the Adoption Questionnaire and mail it to your local Rescue Coordinator. You will be contacted if a suitable match for your home becomes available.

You may also want to check the available puppies and the Kerry breeders in your area. A good article on adopting an older Kerry Blue is required reading. Whatever you do, don't get a puppy from a pet store.



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