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If you are interested in adopting one of the Kerries listed below, or perhaps another Kerry in the future, please:

  • Review the Adoption Process.
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  • Follow up with an email to the Rescue Coordinator(s) to reaffirm your interest and check the status of your application.

Each year, the Kerry Foundation handles dozens of Kerries that need new homes, and not all of them are listed here.  Sometimes we assist breeders and owners with rehoming their Kerries, and those dogs may or may not appear on these pages.  Please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire so that we are aware of your interest in owning our breed.

Because expenses on rescuing even a young, healthy dog can exceed $500 in veterinary tests and treatment, donations to our Rescue program are always needed and gratefully received.

Available Kerries


Kerries Placed

Rescue Kerries come into our program almost every few weeks. Please fill out an Adoption Questionnaire to start the adoption process. With one application you will be considered for all present and future rescue Kerries for the next two years.

When a Kerry is placed, you can find updates on his rescue and new life on the pages below. Note to new owners: please send updates & photos to

Starr & Bailey, two 9-year old puppy mill survivors

Rescue Coordinator: Pattye Thomas at
Fostered in Oklahoma.

Starr and Bailey

In late September 2013, the Foundation received a call from a commercial breeder that the breeder would like to surrender “Starr” and “Bailey” to the foundation.  On Saturday October 5th, 2013 Pattye Thomas, our regional Rescue Coordinator, started the seven hour journey from Moore, Oklahoma to Northern Kansas to retrieve the two nine year old females.  Upon arrival she encountered two very sweet and personable dogs who desired our affection.  The Kerries were placed in crates and headed home.  Starr and Bailey handled the trip very well.


Arriving at home late Sunday afternoon Starr and Bailey were introduced to a new home and responded very well.  The dogs were placed in crates within the home to acclimate them to a home environment.  The dogs were taken to a local groomer for a bath and haircut. 


Over the next few days Starr and Bailey were taken to the local veterinarian for evaluation.  After the initial evaluation Bailey had her teeth cleaned, was spayed and had a mast cell tumor removed from her abdominal area.  Her recovery went very well and the prognosis for Bailey is favorable with continued observation and follow up.

Bailey is a very sweet girl who gets along well with other dogs, likes children and is progressing very well with housebreaking.  Bailey would enjoy sleeping in bed with her new owner but does well in a crate if required. In the beginning Bailey was shy but now she is rather independent  and really enjoys affection with the family.

Starr’s treatment included spaying, teeth cleaning and removal of several benign cysts. Starr’s overall health is good.


Starr is very affectionate and thinks she is a lap dog.  Starr always wants to be near you and gets along well with other dogs and children.  She is a very intelligent dog who was house broken quickly. Starr would do very well with someone who is at the home most of the time as she really desires affection and has some separation anxiety.

Having arrived from a commercial breeder it took a few weeks for each of them to adjust to the home environment.  However, both have responded very well and seem especially grateful for their new way of life. They have fit in at our home extremely well and both would make wonderful pets and companions for their new owners.  

Starr would be best with a retired couple and is a "velcro" dog. She has a bit of separation anxiety. She has had a number of puppies so is very attentive to the humans, likes children, is crate-trained and house-trained.

Bailey is more independent, was never bred, also crate-trained and is a work in progress in the house-training department. She also likes children.

For more info on Starr & Bailey please contact Pattye Thomas at directly, after an adoption questionnaire has been filled out for review.

If you can not adopt either one of them, please support their rescue by being a Kerry Angel.

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Tony Brogden
Jeff Nelson

Murphy, a 3-year old male in Washington

Rescue Coordinator: Barbara Kam at
Fostered in Washinton

Murphy is a 3 y/o, neutered male, UTD on vaccs, microchipped, on the small side reportedly weighing less than 25 lbs. Owners surrendering him claim he doesn't play well with the other dogs in the household but loves their children. He's going to need someone who is very active and wants to take him on walks, out to play and keep him busy.

April 6, 2014 Adoption Pending

Looks like Murphy may have his "forever" home! This is from his new Foster mom:

"...thank you [...] for all you have done to get Murphy to me and my home. Being able to have Murphy here is truly one of the most wonderful things that could happen. He is so gorgeous and I am so excited to be able to have him with me in my home.

He will get so much love, attention and compassion and will have a wonderful home. I am not only thankful and lucky but realize I am blessed to have him come into my life.

I also want to say thank all of you for the wonderful work you do in giving God's beautiful animals a another chance at life. You all are amazing people, to do what you do.
There is a special place in heaven for all of you."

April 12 Update from his foster mom

We are doing pretty good so far. Know it is still early and not even one week but he has really settled in and I think likes his new home.

Getting in a routine for meals, walks, etc and he seems okay with the plan. He does love to walk and I take him for lots of walks. He also loves to play, especially tug of war. So I got him some pretty cool toys so we can play. We have had some really nice weather so it was a good week to get started here. He is eating good and likes the extra meat I add to his dish with his Dog food.

He is really into squirrels and birds and likes to let them know he is watching them.

He is so very sweet and is like my shadow, everywhere I go he is there.

Mary McLaughlin in Orland Pk, IL.



If you can not adopt either one of them, please support their rescue by being a Kerry Angel.

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Jeff Nelson

Finessa, a 7 year old Female

Rescue Coordinator: Barbara Kam at
Fostered in Colorado

Here's 7 y/o Finessa, also called Finney. Her former owner got her from a shelter in the LA area four years ago so her background is unknown. Her owner is moving out of state and cannot take her to her new home.

Suzanne Stull has come to our rescue once again and picked her up to move her to a kennel for brief boarding. Suzanne says she's a very sweet girl and quite a cutie. She has a very nice ear-set and is a lovely color. She is definitely not from a mill or backyard breeder.

She's currently at a small kennel with a woman who is a former GSD breeder and likes to help rescues when she can. Doris says Finney is a lovely girl, doing well and is non-plussed by the GSDs there.

Finessa has been flown to Denver to be fostered by a woman who has fostered for the KBTF in the past and is very experienced with KBTs. She'll evaluate Finney and keep us posted as to "who" Finney is and how she's doing.

Finessa will have to have surgery, which is estimated to cost $1300-$1600. If you can help, please send us a donation. We accept donations by credit/debit card, check and Paypal. Thank you.

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Jann Lane
Jeff Nelson

Lizzie, a 10 year old Female

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff at
Fostered in New England

The Kerry rescue folks are delighted to introduce Lizzie, a 10-yo purebred Kerry who is in need of a new home because her mom babysits for young humans every day, and lately it seems that preschool-aged children are just not fun for Lizzie anymore (she tolerated them very well in the past, but apparently has had enough).

Lizzie is reportedly a lovely girl, who mostly has been an indoor dog (fully housebroken), is not a big barker, and is well-socialized to other dogs and loves people and would probably be fine with older children. She can be scared of loud noises, but is good for the vet and the groomer. She is healthy, pretty, and playful, according to her owner, and wants nothing more than to be next to her people. Lizzie needs a home sooner rather than later, and will need a foster home if a new forever home takes awhile to find.

According to her owner, Lizzie would be a lovely companion for anyone who does not have young children in the home, but we also would like to see her to go to someone who has plenty of time to spend with her, as she's used to being at her owner's side pretty much 24/7.

Lizzie lives in New England.

For more information on Lizzie, please contact Sharon Arkoff at


Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Jeff Nelson


If you don't find a Kerry for you on this page, don't despair. Fill out the Fill out the Adoption Questionnaire and mail it to your local Rescue Coordinator. You will be contacted if a suitable match for your home becomes available.

You may also want to check the available puppies and the Kerry breeders in your area. A good article on adopting an older Kerry Blue is required reading. Whatever you do, don't get a puppy from a pet store.


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