Introduction to Grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier

by Arlett van Dijk

Copyright © 2003 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

1. Introduction


This photographic overview of grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier is intended to
help beginning and novice Kerry owners understand the Kerry trim and learn
how it is achieved. It is also meant to help amateur Kerry groomers improve
their techniques, and introduce nongrooming Kerry owners to trimming
techniques they can pass on to their local groomers. Ultimately, it is
hoped that this presentation will peak the interest of nongroomers and
encourage them to learn more about trimming their dogs themselves.

Although an aura of mystique surrounds the art of masterfully sculpting a
Kerry, anyone can follow these clear, sharp photographs and the guidance of
Arlett van Dijk. By visualizing the "lines" of the Kerry--lines that your
eye can be trained to see--for each part of the Kerry anatomy, the basic
pattern of the Kerry trim becomes apparent. How to achieve those lines, and
what tools are used to create them, are concisely described. Before and
after shots provide comparison and make the trim pattern clearly visible.

The photographs are arranged in a series of "mini-lessons" on each part of
the Kerry's anatomy--feet, ears, head, shoulders, tail, and so on. This
organization makes it easy to find specific information, and allows you to
pick and choose areas to concentrate on. The sequence of the mini-lessons
can be varied, and indeed, every professional Kerry groomer has his or her
own perferred order.

No pictorial guide to grooming a Kerry can possibly include everything you
need to know to groom every part of a Kerry, and that is not the purpose of
this one. Indeed, whole articles have been written on trimming nails,
clippering between the pads, and teeth cleaning, and no doubt new articles
could and will be be written about every facet of grooming a Kerry. So
where possible, this guide includes hotlinks to additional information and
resources to help move you beyond the introduction. But for those of you
who are truly serious about grooming your own Kerries, nothing can compare
with the experience of actually watching a professional Kerry groomer
transform your own dog. This sort of "nearly hands-on" experience is
invaluable and should not be foregone in favor of written guidelines.

Whether your goal is to ultimately turn your Kerry into a
groomed-to-the-nines masterpiece, or to just tidy him up between scheduled
grooming appointments, let this pictoral guide serve as your first step into
the wonderful world of Kerry grooming.

Tips for Best Results

  • Always bathe your dog, comb it out thoroughly, and dry it completely before beginning to trim. Using a creme rinse or detangler on the coat can help remove snarls and tangles.
  • Keep your shears and clipper blades ultra-sharp. If you don't know where to have them sharpened, contact any local dog grooming shop, beauty shop, or barber shop and ask where they have their equipment sharpened.
  • Keep your equipment clean. Store your shears in their protective cases when not in use, and follow the guidelines that came with your clippers for cleaning the blades and regular maintenance.
  • Reduce heating of the clipper blades and keep them lubricated by using any of the coolant/lubricating sprays available at pet supply stores or catalogs.
  • Always handle shears and clippers with UTMOST CARE to avoid injury to your dog.
  • Be patient with your dog and with yourself. It will show in the finished "product," and you'll both be happier with the results!


Printing Tip

  • The photos on these pages are copyrighted. You are allowed to print them for your own use only.
  • They are as large as possible to show the detail of the grooming. To print these pages, reduce the page to 80%, or print sideways.