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Let me help you Mom !!

Mom: Maya (Kerryhill Netti) and son: Athos (Fürge-Morgó Astor)
Owner: Murányi Szilvia/Hungary
Further details:

The Foxes, New Zealand

Tralee with a "litter" of six.


Cheska. (Francesca Irish Hippy) at 3.5 years

Derrick Csongradi
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve. She just turned one year.
Michael Thorstensen and Jeffrey Clark
Laguna Beach, CA


McGuire's Merrow Megan
Owned by Ed & Pam Tam, in Polk City, Iowa


Bennie, the oldest Kerry alive (11/11/05).

Bennie was born 5/21/88.  Litter # RL904485. 
His breeder was Jack & Eileen Peters, Massapequa, NY. 
His mother's name was Ch. Ballisodare's Spring Peeper (RA907815) 
His father's name was Tantara's Tistan Shandy (RB157100). 

Bennie is owned by Tim Cunningham & Nancy Hawke, Southampton, NY

Devlin & Touch

Bilbo Balings of the Braggadocio ("Devlin") with
Xatra Touch of Greinhouse ("Touch", the Bedlington)

Owners : Hanneke Hijmans and Jacco van der Torre, Holland


Name: Kordes Very Magnifficent " Wanda"
Breeder: Kordes kennel/Denmark
Owner: Katali Hunyady /Hungary

Carrie Blue Dvomaro
Owner: Vondrakova V.,CZ

Caramelka and Carrie Blue Dvomaro
Owners: Hermankova H., CZ and Vondrakova V., CZ 


Trout comming down the trail.

Susan Gold


Rita Lockwood's Jake


Abigaile Blue Ivanhoe "Kerry"

Markéta Sifaldová
Czech Republic

Billy & Duffy

Billy Sontag, and Duffy (Wildside's Quiet Man CD RN).
In this picture, taken in late Fall 2004, Billy is 13 1/2 and Duffy is 4 1/2.

Patty Sontag, Marlboro, MA

Molly Flanagan


Owned by Peter & Lynne Flanagan

Lizzy's Army

Fabienne, Ayla, Colleen, Halley, Biddy and Emily
All childeren, grandchilderen or great-grandchildren from Lizzy.
Jacqueline, The Netherlands


Murphy with mischief on his mind.

Joseph Greenleaf <>

Read about Murphy's adventures:




Isaac at 6 months

Owned by Glencers Acedo & Anthony Enriquez in Miami, Florida


Marian Bowles' Abbys


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