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Album IV

Kerry Blues Photo Gallery

The Van Daelenbroek Gang
Photographer: Lia Meerwijk

from left to right:

Sensational Kane Van Daelenbroek
Kennsbridge Klever Kloggs
Celtic Spirit's True Magic (pup)
Outshining Kiki Van Daelenbroek
Pump Up The Volume Van Daelenbroek (pup)
Clancarrai Goldenwind

This photo was made on the night before Christmas.
Yes there is some rearranging when my wife Sandy comes to bed.

Top of the Bed - Erin- 3 1/2
Mid bed - Rory 12
Bottom of the bed - Shawn 9 1/2

Jim & Sandy Fathers
Victoria, B.C.


Camelot & Chanel caught in the act of counter-surfing.


Let's have a party! Fausto rehearsal at the piano:
"I am in the mood for the "Kerry Blues"

Owner: Josephine Kloosterman-B, (The Netherlands)
Fausto Patricio, age 4 years

Harry keeping watch for the UPS man at our front door.

Jeff Dorgay, Arizona

Dana Flint

Ch. Harmony's Hugs " Kisses"
and Ch. Devil with the Blue Dress On CD "Devil"
with myself, Dana Flint.
Sioux City, Iowa

Ebie & Erin

"Every cat needs a dog to lay on, cuddle up next to and sleep spoon style with."
Ebbie, the cat, and Erin, the Kerry, get along great!

John and Steff Eggen


"If I keep posing will you give more treats! Pleeeeeeeeeease!"

VRONSKY (Merry Blue Jollygoodfellow);

Vronsky is 1 1/2 years old in this photo.

Angelica Amador Meza Calix, Mexico <>


Perry, when he was just about to turn 2 (25-Mar-02).

He is one of Lou Perry's dogs, bought as a pet. Our son, Jerremy, brought him in SoCal, brought him back to Arizona, where he loves his life -- walking for an hour or two every morning on the golf course playing with his dog friends. And, just like Lou warned us, he is a talker and loves to talk to us.

Brina Pepper


Murphy in trouble again!

Murphy was working with the Coppell Police Department on the 4th of July (2002) at the Coppell Family Day event. He was promoting wearing your seat belt or get into trouble. The kids could have their picture taken on a the motorcycle and pet Murphy. Murphy also promoted the TIKE TAG a tag that goes on a child's car seat with emergency information for Police or Fire Department personnel in case the Adult is knocked-out in an accident.

Tom Swyer, Texas

Finnegan A Rescue Kerry


Finnegan was within hours of being "put down" by his owners.
The story of his rescue is among the many rescue stories on this web site.

Owned by Janet Joers and John Van den Bergh

Eric & Darby

Here is a picture of my new grandson, Eric, and his buddy, Darby.  
In the picture, Eric is four days old, and Darby is one year old. 
Eric's parents are John and Vicki Miller of Plymouth, MN. 
After just a week of getting acquainted, Darby is already the "big brother", coming whenever Eric cries,
protecting Eric whenever someone new is around, and giving him kisses whenever he can.

Rod Rehor,

Jim Porcher with Travis

Jm Porcher with Travis

Pat McCallen with Jenny

Pat McCallen with Jenny

Patrick Coen with Lacey

Patrick Coen with Lacey


Jenny (Lisiji Juliana of the Jean) enjoying her lake.

Janet McCallen

 Zuzana Ciganikova

Bhelliom Destiny, El Nino, Davy Jones and Leannan Finnsech
with Zuzana Ciganikova of Slovakia.



I downloaded and printed some info from the KB website. Armed with the necessary information and guidelines, I took Kasey to a professional dog groomer and paid $50 to have him clipped. However, when I went to collect him he looked more like a poodle than a Kerry Blue!

Consequently, I felt that I had no alternative but to take out the clippers and do the job myself. This time I went really close so that I wouldn't have to do the job again for a while.

What do you think, is he a total disaster?

Michael Cunnington <>

Maggie (10) and Liath (3) sharing the floor

Harmony Liath O'Sweeney Adams ("Liath")
(Ch. Heritage Sweeney Todd x Ch. Devil With the Blue Dress On)
Both owned and loved by John & Kathie Adams


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