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Kerry Blue Photo Gallery

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  • Some countries put the kennel name in front others will put it after the name.
  • The transliteration of some non-western alphabets may cause some variations in the names.
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Abbey's Tuff n Uff of Bangor                Show Shots VIII
Abbey's Mary Kate Donagher        Katie     Studio Studies II, Performance II
Abbey's Northeran Exposure                  Show Shots VIII
   Abby                                     Family Fun X
Abigaile Blue Ivanhoe             Kerry     Performance I & Family Fun X
Abracadabra Jenny                 Angie     Puppies II & Show Shots VI
Absoljut Triumph Ballada                    Portraits I & Family Fun II
Absoljut Triumph Bekhem Born in Rasha       Portraits I
Absoljut Triumph Chik                       Puppies III
Absoljut Triumph Judif                      Portraits I
Absoljut Triumph Givenchy         Zhora     Puppies VII, Family Fun XI, Show Shots VI
Absoljut Triumph Pagan            Busia     Show Shots V & Studio II
Absoljut Triumph Pansy            Pansy     Puppies III
Absoljut Triumph Polly            Polly     Puppies III
Absoljut Triumph Torntonn                   Studio Studies I & Show Shots VII
Absoljut Triumph Zavetnaja Mechta Tika      Puppies VII, Family XI, Show II
Ace's Ace of Downpatrick                    Olden Days: 1930s
Admiral Bluevic                             Performance II
Afton's In The Nick Of Time       Nick      Family Fun III
Aika v.h. Tweestromeland                    Studio Studies I
Aikheneck Binate de Xandr         Bina      Show Shots IV
Aikheneck Viking                            Family Fun III
Aisling's Zephyr                            Family Fun I
Aithne Cross The Rubicon                    Puppies I
Akvamarin Archipelag                        Show Shots X
   Alf                                      Family Fun IV
Alma Moonchild de La Cadiera                Show Shots IX
   Aloysius                                 Family Fun VIII
   Altair                                   Portraits III
Anker's Angel of Bangor           Dylan     Show Shots III
Anneliese Modry Kerry             Lizinka   In Memoriam II
   Annie (Kam)                              Family Fun VIII
Anny Blue Beauty King                       Family Fun II
Another Prince of Chevin                    Olden Days: 1930s
Anouschka Kerrydom                          Portraits I
Aran Bailebrigin                            In Memoriam I
Aran Edenderry                    Ginny     Show Shots IV
Aran Enniskeen                    Dusty     Puppies IV & Show Shots IV
Aran Enniskerry                   Bo        Show Shots VI
Aran Falcarragh                   Sean      Show Shots VIII
Aran Feeny                        Soul      Show Shots VIII
Aran Ferbane                      Aran      Travel I & Show Shots V & Family Fun IX
Aran Foynes                                 Show Shots X
Aran Horse and Jockey             Brigin    Show Shots XI
Aran Innishmaan                             Puppies VII
Aran Mischief McCready            Pepper    In Memoriam II
Archibald Braudag                           Puppies IX
   Archie                                   Family Fun VII
Ardara's Anything Goes            Annie     Studio Studies II
Arderin Stack´s                             Family Fun VIII
Arigna Flying the Flag            Flag      Show Shots VII
Arigna Oskar                                Show Shots III & Family Fun I
Aristo Adonis Star                          Family Fun IX, Show Shots X
Armshead Susie Cooper at Dobreti  Susie     Puppies VII
Arya Blue Gest                              Show Shots X
Aua Skif Bellavichenza            Vita      Show Shots II & Family Fun III
Aua Skif Bangamin                           Show Shots IV
August Strong Sensibility         Rony      Show Shots II
Ayla from Lizzy's Little Army               Portraits I, Family Fun X
Aztlan de Biicu Sicaru            Aztlan    Puppies III & Family Fun VI


B. Fanky Dj.Blue                  Guest     Puppies IV
   Baby Bran                                In Memoriam I
Badacsonyalja Borcsa                        In Memoriam I
Badacsonyalja Eros                Doris     In Memoriam II
Badacsonyalja Saman                         Show Shots II
   Bailey (Fulmer)                          Family Fun IX, Portraits I, Show XIV
   Bailey (Thompson)                        Family Fun XII
Bailey Blue Sullivan                        Family Fun VII
Balada De La Cadiera              Pru       Show Shots IX
Balada od Rytírče Malovce                   Show Shots IX
Balboa Ben Hur                              Show Shots VIII
Balboa El Cid                               Show Shots II
Ballymoon's Reilly McMillan       Reilly    Travel I
Ballymoon's Sundance Kid          Piper     In Memoriam I & Show Shots IV
Balt Chibsten Chigetta                      Show Shots IV
Bardo´s Bel Angel                           Show Shots III
Bardo's Gustav                              Show Shots XIV
   Bass                                     Family Fun IX
Bangor's Glorious Wynn            Winnie    Puppies IV
Bangor's Here Comes Trouble                 Show Shots III
Bangor's Nuclear Fusion                     Show Shots I
Bangor's Rythm N Blues                      Family Fun VII
Bantry Beauty of Oakcrest                   Olden Days: 1930s
   Barney                                   Family Fun V
Bastien Blue Ivanhoe                        Family Fun XII
   Baxter                                   Puppies II
   Beatrix                                  Travel I
   Beckett                                  Family Fun III
Beclau Butterfly                            Show Shots V                        
Beclau Babe                                 Puppies V, Show Shots VII
Beclau Babette                              Show Shots X
Beclau Baby Dee                             Puppies III
Beclau Baron                                Show Shots VIII
Beclau Better Blues                         Puppies IV
Beclau Blue Flit                            Show Shots VII
Beclau Boy Wonder                           Show Shots VIII
   Belmont                                  Family Fun V
Ben-Edar Beth                               Olden Days: 1930s
Ben-Edar Blaise                             Olden Days: 1920s & 1930s
   Benji                                    Puppies II
   Bennie                                   Family Fun X
Best of the Bog                             Olden Days: 1920s
Bhelliom Age of Miracles          Sting     Show Shots III
Bhelliom Ambra                    Ambra     Show Shots II
Bhelliom Belmondo Ontario                   Show Shots XII
Bhelliom Butch Cassidy            Rocky     Show Shots XII
Bhelliom Celtic Wonder                      Show Shots XII
Bhelliom Chantal                            Show Shots XIII
Bhelliom Charme of Vienna         Lito      Puppies VII
Bhelliom Choice for Glory                   Puppies VI
Bhelliom Davy Jones               Woody     Family Fun IX
Bhelliom Destiny For You                    Studio Studies I & Show Shots VII
Bhelliom Dublin Dick                        Puppies IV
Bhelliom Donna Karan              Donna     Show Shots VI
Bhelliom El Nino                            Show Shots VII
Bhelliom Extra Guinness                     Show Shots II & Family Fun VIII
Bianca Kerrydom                   Bianca    Show Shots I & Studio Studies I
   Biddy                                    Family Fun X
Bilbo Balings of the Braggadocio  Devlin    Puppies III & Family Fun X
Biorkezund Jasmine Twig           Zoya      Show Shots IX
   Birdie                                   Show Shots XIV
Bit O'Blarney Duffy O'Malley                Performance I
Bix Beiderbeck                              Art III
Bjorkezund Bell                             Show Shots VIII
Bjorkezund Wellspring                       Show Shots IX
Black-Goldstar Fleur              Angie     Show Shots II
Blaskaeg's Jet-z                  Mads      Show Shots II
Blåskæg's Molly Malone            Sisse     Studio Studies I
Blu Joi Dancing Queen                       Show Shots XIV
   Blue Lady                                Family Fun II
Bluebeard's One of a Kind         Moxie     Show Shots II
Blues Boy Beast                             In Memoriam II
Blue Chip's Apache Plume                    Puppies IV
Blue Chip's Black Pearl of Cheshire Kelly   Family Fun XII
Blue Chip of Oakhurst                       Olden Days: 1930s
Blue Chip's Calypso Orchid        Jackie    Show Shots IV
Blue Denim's Tiger Lily                     Puppies III
Blue Emperor of Gold Jerusalem    Jazz      Puppies VII
Bluefire Corky's Legacy           Kessie    Performance I
Blueflame's Celtic Pitter Patter  Lofty     Family Fun IX
Blue Hurricane Tristan                      Puppies VI, Show Shots XIV
Blue King II Olden Days 1930s Blue Lagoon of Leysfield Olden Days 1930s Blue Mirabelle Dvomaro Puppies VI Blue Sarkel Chandra Show Shots VIII Bluestone's Missing Link St. Patrick I Bluflames Starfire Keysii Family Fun I Bluefire's Torin Family Fun VIII Bohemian Rhapsody van Daelenbroek Sam Puppies I Bonny Show Shots I Born To Cross The Rubicon Ruby Show Shots VII Bosoleil's Firecracker George Studio Studies II
Braudag Elker Family Fun III & Show Shots III Braudag Fantaghiro Show Shots VI Braudag Faraon Family Fun III & Show Shots III Braudag Jacqueline Show Shots VI Braudag Kardinal Puppies III Braudag Mac Lunagorm Puppies III Braudag Olympia Puppies IV, Show XII, Family VII Braudag Philippe Puppies IV Braudag Princess Puppies IV Braudag Qwell Family Fun IX Braudag Rebecca Puppies V & Family Fun IX
Braudag Serius Puppies VI Braudag Shakira Puppies VI Braudag Xenia Family Fun III Breezehurst Brin's Bona Olden Days 1930s Brian Boru O'Rourke Briney Olden Days: 1950s Bridgett Family Fun VIII Brill Family Fun IX Bright Spot Hot Shot Kide Puppies IX Bright Spot Taggiano Show Shots III Britney In Memoriam I Bryn Gwyn Halle Berry Show Shots X Bryn Gwyn Gwyneth Family Fun IX
Buckaroo Bluff Olden Days: 1960s Buddy by Mick Buddy Show Shots X Bumble Bee of Delwin Olden Days 1930s


Calkerry's All That Jazz          Jazz      Family Fun I, Show V, In Memoriam II
Calkerry's Duke of Jazz           Duke      In Memoriam I
Calkerry's Guinness Reserve       Guinness  Family Fun II & In Memoriam I
   Camelot                                  Family Fun V
Camry z Plockiego Wzgórza                   Show Shots XI
Camshron's Maggie May                       Show Shots IX
Camshron's Ricochet                         Show Shots IV
Camshron Windswept Morriah        Wind      Family Fun VII
Caramelka Blue Dvomaro                      Show Shots X, Family Fun X
Carholme Charles Olden Days: 1960s Carol Anne Moonchild Kerry Momo Show Shots X Carrie Blue Dvomaro Show Shots VIII, Family Fun X Carrona Blue Prince Olden Days: 1940s Carter Family Fun XII Cassandra Kerrydom Pimpi Show Shots I & Family Fun I Cavan's Tear'N Up Jack Jack Family Fun XI Cee's Fairy Tale Tia Tia Travel I Cee's Keeva Tells All Keeva In Memoriam I Cee's Tales of Barkus Barkus In Memoriam I Celtic Spirit's Being Together Topsi Family Fun VIII Celtic Spirit's True Magic Jana Family Fun VIII
Chanel St. Patrick I & Family Fun V Cherokee Kon Goors Family Fun II Chester Frajamiro Puppies V Chibsten Chigetta Geta Show Shots VI Clio Family Fun XIII Colete od Rytire Malovcs Show Shots IV Colleen (Fathers) Family Fun VI Colleen (Weber) Family Fun X Comet Family Fun VIII.Travel II Connemara's Bit of O'Mara Bitsa Studio Studies I Cormac of Cross The Rubicon Cormac Puppies II Cranntara Cross The Rubicon Laurel Puppies II, Travel I Crystal Angel Moonchild Kerry Mir Show Shots XI Cuahutemoc Family Fun VI & Travel I Czak Gokaiba Show Shots III


Dainty Dinah                                Olden Days: 1950s
Dallaroo Devilment                Joxer     Family Fun IX
Dallaroo Fire Starter                       Show Shots I
Dallaroo Just a Deviate           Deva      Family Fun VII
Dalton's Riley                              Travel II,Family Fun VIII
Dame Agnes FW of the Jean         Brenda Blue Family Fun XII
Danaia iz Goluboi Legendy         Dana      Puppies II, Show Shots IX & 
                                            Family Fun VII & Studio Studies II
Dandy Black & Blue Cherry         Candi     Family Fun XIII,Show Shots XIII
Dandy Black & Blue Rokoko         Roko       Show Shots XIV
Dandy Black & Blue Star           Tala      Puppies VIII, Family Fun XIV
Dani Portraits III Darby O'Brillo Brillo Family Fun II Darby Under the Crescent Moon Darby Puppies VII Darby Family Fun IV Dare of Woodview Olden Days: 1950s Daronica Cross The Rubicon Nika Puppies IV Dasumianco the Artist at Torum Oliver Show Shots VI Deed's Show Off Olden Days: 1940s Deelish of Woodview Olden Days: 1950s Deivitson's Arly Arly Show Shots XIV Delaney’s Rhythm and Blues Show Shots VIII Delaney's Silver Certificate Katie Show Shots III Delaney's Skye Piper Studio Studies II Designer Wild Blu Boy Fergus Family Fun III Demander of Woodview Olden Days: 1950s Demi van het Tweestromeland Demi Show Shots IV de Ibiut Prays-Blue Family Fun I Derry Debut iz Goluboi Legendy Studio Studies I Derrymore Ailill Best Show Shots XII Deryni Allsorts Guinness Show Shots XI Devil with the Blue Dress On Devil Family Fun IV Diana's Fabulous Concept Bunny Puppies VII Dianthus Blue Moonchild Kerry Sakura Puppies IV Dickens Family Fun VII Dinadare of Woodview Olden Days: 1950s Dingle Family Fun XII Dinnyesvarosi Blue Bearded Prince Family Fun XI Dinnyesvarosi Bluish Beauty Kerrydom Court Show Shots XI Dobreti Carmen Show Shots VII Dobreti Desert Orchid Family Fun XI Dobreti Mey Queen Bowes Puppies III Doenia from Lizzy's Little Army Portraits I Don Mendo de La Cadiera Tim Puppies IV & Family Fun VI, Show XII Donnoly Flexible van Daelenbroek Performance I Donovan Cross the Rubicon Donovan Puppies IV Dorcliff Damsel Olden Days: 1940s Downsview Devon Way Olden Days: 1960s Downsview Double Bluebell Olden Days: 1960s Downsview Double Choice Olden Days: 1960s Downsview Double Gleam Olden Days: 1960s Duffy (Conklin) Puppies I Duke In Memoriam II Dunloe Underbridge Blue Michael Olden Days: 1930s Dutch Brand's Aonghus Ace Portraits II Duvessa Cross The Rubicon Family Fun IX Dylan Family Fun IX Dyonilaissa Stewart Triumph Deissa Studio Studies I


Echo of Aran Cross the Rubicon              Show Shots XII
Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe              Filipek   Puppies IV & Show Shots X
Edbrios Jazzman                             Show Shots X
Edbrios Joan of Arc               Joan      Puppies V
Edbrios Bohemian Rhapsody                   Puppies VI & Family Fun XII
Egerszegi Kékszakáll Bonbon       Astor     Family Fun IX
    Egin                                    Family Fun IV
Eidenbock's First Lady            Laura     Show Shots VI
Eidenbock's Peek-A-Boo Shades               Show Shots VI
Eidenbock's Delaney’s Madeline              Show Shots VIII
Eidenbock's Jamison Lee                     Show Shots XIII
    Ellie                                   Puppies VI
El Padrino de La Cadiera                    Show Shots XIV
El Virginiano de La Cadiera       El Piri   Show Shots V, Portraits II
Elbrley's Erin Express                      Olden Days: 1950s
    El Jedi                                 Puppies VII
Ellaiz Cerelia                              Puppies VI
Ellis Blu                                   Family Fun XI
    Emily                                   Family Fun X
    Emma                                    Family Fun V
Epic Venture Gains                Kerby     Studio Studies I
Epic Sunshine Boy                           Show Shots III
Erikal's Elan's Majic She                   Show Shots V
Erikal's Blues in the Night       Clancy	Family Fun XIII
    Erin                                    Family Fun VI
Erinblu's Toice                             Show Shots VI
Erinblu's Teist                             Show Shots VI
Eurydiké Blue Dvomaro                       Show Shots XII
Europa Blue Dvomaro                         Puppies VIII
Everglory's Ironclad              Tommy     Show Shots I
Everton Blues at Sionsilva        Merlin    Family Fun I


    Fabienne                                Family Fun X
Fashion  de La Cadiera                      Show Shots XIII 
    Fausto                                  Family Fun IV & Travel I
	Fergus (Eyl)                            Family Fun IX
    Fergus (Blackburn)                      Puppies VII, Family Fun XII
Fernsglen is her Alibi            Tara      In Memoriam II
Festive Bells                               Olden Days: 1930s
Fibber McGee                                Show Shots VII
    Fini (Barbara Kam)                      Family Fun XIV
    Finian                                  Family Fun VIII
    Finnegan (John Van den Bergh)           Family Fun IV
    Finnegan (Barry O'Brien)                Family Fun VI
    Finnegan (Meyers)                       Family Fun VII
    Finnegan (Emily Lux)
    Fiona                                   Puppies III
Flor de Azahar de La Cadiera                Show Shots XIII 
    Flurry                                  Family Fun VIII
Foxhill's Rackety Kilta                     Olden Days: 1930s
Foxhill's Thunderbolt                       Olden Days: 1930s & 1940s
Foxhill's Topper                            Olden Days: 1950s
Francesca Irish Hippy             Cheska    Family Fun X
Fürge-Morgó Astor                 Athos     Family Fun X
    Furgus                                  Puppies VI


Gaeltacht Fithir Aille Show Shots I Gaeltacht Gruacaig Kekkonen Puppies I Gaeltacht Iosac Aduaidh Puppies I & Show Shots VI Gaeltacht Joe Amhain Show Shots VIII Gaeltacht Keara Kira Show Shots XI Gaeltacht Keriann Aduaidh Beatrix Family Fun VIII Gaeltacht Liadhnan Show Shots X Gaeltacht Lonegan Conan Puppies II Gaeltacht Mac Dara Show Shots XI Gaeltacht Maolanaithe Mac Puppies IV Gaeltacht Samrog Puppies IX Gallanthof Gengy Darling Derry Puppies VIII, Show Shots XIV Gardemarin iz Kraya Malahita Video I Geijes Absolute Power Eastwood Puppies VI, Show XII Geijes Crystal Shine Family Fun XIII Geijes Rising Riff Show Shots I Geijes Storyteller Puppies III & Show Shots I Geijes Tally-Ho Show Shots V Geijes TimberJack Show Shots V Geijes U-Charming Puppies III Geijes Urgent Maximus Show Shots V Geijes Ville-Roy Puppies V Geijes Zentara's Pearl Puppies VII Geijes Zodiac Zone Tia Puppies VII, Show XI, Family Fun XIII & Studio I Gemstone's Secret Emissary Spy Millennium Kerry Gered's Honey Bun Olden Days: 1950s Gille Family Fun I Glenfitor D.J. Carey Show Shots XII Glounthane Hero Olden Days: 1930s Gooch Family Fun XIII Gucci Blue Friend Dvomaro Puppies VIII Gracie Family Fun XIV Gronia Family Fun I Guinness (Kotrhova) Show Shots X Gwynny Puppies VII Gypsy Russ Family Fun II


   Halley (Coliton)                         Performance I
   Halley (Weber)                           Family Fun X
   Halley (Thurman)                         Family Fun XIII
Halley from Lizzy's Little Army             Portraits I
   Hana Blue                                Family Fun II
   Hannah                                   Family Fun III
Happy Choise Dandy                Danny
Harmony's Flint to Fire           Apollo    Puppies IV
Harmony's Hugs                    Kisses    Family Fun IV
Harmony's Liath O'Sweeney Adams             Puppies I & Family Fun IV
Harmony's Oban Perry Winkle Blue  Oban      Puppies I & Travel I
   Harry                                    Family Fun IV
   Henry                                    Studio Studies I
Henry v. Melenzee                           Family Fun III & Show Shots V
Hitaro Jacko                                Olden Days: 1920s
Honour Bright Before Break Day              Family Fun XI
Honey Ryder's Harmony                       Show Shots XII
   Hopkins                                  Art I & Family Fun V
Huckleberry Finn zur Saliergruft            Show Shots XI
   Hunter                                   Puppies V & Family Fun VII


Impressive Iz Goluboi Legendy               Family Fun I & Show III & Studio I
Indigo Sé from Lizzy's Little Army          Show Shots XIV
Irisfingel Aroma of  Erinn        Finn      Puppies VI
Irisifingel Blue Badge            Finnigan  Show Shots XIV
Irish Hippy By The Way            Baika     Show Shots II
Irish Hippy Gordon                Caolan    Family Fun I & Puppies I
   Isaac                                    Puppies V & Family Fun X
Iton Iz Goluboi Legendy           Igor      Show Shots IV
Ivanhoe de La Cadiera                       Puppies VII
Iveria Iz Goluboi Legendy                   Show Shots IX


Jack Pot                          Toris     Show Shots XIII
   Jade                                     Family Fun III
   Jake                                     Family Fun X
Jane Eyre de La Cadiera                     Puppies VII
   Jazzman                                  Puppies II
   Jenny (McCallen)                         Family Fun XIII
Jet Set Keretojas                           Show Shots XIII
   Jezebel                        Jez       Family Fun VII
Jimmy Hendrix                               Portraits II
Joe of Leysfield                            Olden Days: 1930s
Jota MeČlynas Ru¯kas              Chota     Show Shots XIII & Studio Studies II
Julian Modrovous                            Family Fun I & VI & In Memoriam II


     Kabey                                  Performance I
Kallehan's Forever in Bluegenes   Genie     Studio Studies I
Kallehan's Mood Indigo            Edward    Show Shots I
Kallehan's Starlight Express      Pearl     Studio Studies I
Kallehan's True Type              Trudy     Studio Studies I
Kallehan's True Vintage           Truman    Models I
Kamaghan Built to Thrill          Elvis     Family Fun XII
Kamaghan Thriller                           Family Fun VII & Show Shots IX
   Kasey                                    Family Fun IV, Portraits III
Kastlekove's Step'N Out In Style  Kenzie    Show Shots XIV
Kate Moonchild Braudag            Kate      Show Shots VII
Katebel's Anglo Sandor                      Studio Studies II
Katebel's Kamaghan Dream Girl               Studio Studies II
   Kati (O'Leary)                           Family Fun XII
   Katie (Frankland)                        Family Fun II
   Katie (Sawyer)                           Family Fun XII
Kavalír Kerry Braudag                       Show Shots V
K-Crying for Sang Kook                      Show Shots XIII
Kearnach Fergus Mcroy                       Olden Days: 1970s
Kearnach Vindicator                         Olden Days: 1960s
   Keegan                                   In Memoriam II
   Keeper                                   Puppies IX
Kelbrier's Bartholomew            Boomer    Family Fun IX
Kelbrier Beomard Blue Bear In Memoriam II Kel-lee's Wheeler Dealer Wheeler Studio Studies I Kel-Tara's Little Miss Maggie Blue Maggie Family Fun IX Kel-Tara's Star Jubilee Olden Days: 1970s Kenmare Doreen Doreen Olden Days: 1920s Kenneth Kilianus van Daelenbroek Show Shots II & Family Fun I Keriland's Supreme Justice In Memoriam II Keriland's Talk About Town Gabby Puppies I Keriland's Talk About Town Gabby Millennium Kerry Keristar's Mutual Fun Rascal Studio I & Perform I & Family V Keristar's To the Moon Rocket Family Fun V & Perform I Kerrageen's Irish Royalty Olden Days: 1970s Kerrageen's Hotspur Show Shots V Kerri (Meyers) Family Fun VII Kerryacre's Sir Prize Olden Days: 1950s Kerrycroft's Irish Sheila Olden Days: 1950s Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri Dali Show Shots IV & Studio Studies I Kerrydom Court Don Dooley Don Show Shots V Kerrydom Court Dubhain Jessitko Puppies I & Family II & Show IX Kerrydom Court Emir El Faruk Performance I Kerrydom Court Gigolo Gigo Show Shots V Kerrydom Court Gloria Gina Family Fun VII Kerrydom Court Heart O'BluMax Ms Blu Show Shots XI Kerrydom Court Índigo de La Cadiera Pippo Puppies IX Kerrydom Court Justine de La Cadiera Show Shots XIV Kerryhill Netti Maya Family Fun X Kerrymist's Miss Amelia of Claragh Family Fun XI Kerrystars Starlight Dancer Family Fun VI Kerrystars Moonlight Dancer Family Fun XII Kerrystars Toby Wan Kenobi Family Fun XII Kerwin av Belzack Puppies V Kharacters Misty Murphy Olden Days 1980s Kiko Veneno de la Cadiera Show Shots V Kilmarey Miss Showoff Olden Days: 1960s Kingdom Hero of Cheriton Olden Days: 1940s Kinvarra Tyrella Faxsimile Daphne Show Shots II Kiping Kelly Kelly Show Shots II Kira Puppies I & Travel II Kit E Hawk's Black Tie Affair Tetley Show Shots VI KJ'S Magical Mary Margaret Maggie Show Shots VII Kondeloro Gypsysexklusiv Triumph Family Fun VII Kordes Belle-Peyton Neo Classic T-VO Family Fun VI & Show Shots IV Kordes Image Queen Show Shots IV Kordes Ruff Rider Chess Puppies III & Show Shots VII Kordes True Magic Show Shots IX Kordes Very Brilliant Brill Show VIII, Studio II, Art II, Family I Kordes Very Magnifficent Wanda Show IX, Puppies V, Studio II, Family X Kordes Watch The Future Jack Show XI Krasher von der Canis-Burg Krasher Show Shots VI Kultahipun Zabina Show Shots XIII Kuma Travel II & Portraits II


Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy                  Show Shots XIII & Family Fun XIII
La Condesa Carina de La Cadiera   Lara      Show Shots VII & Family Fun VI
   Lada                                     Puppies III & Family Fun VI        
Lad of the Bog                              Olden Days: 1920s
Lady Kirby of the three Corners             Studio Studies I
Lady Molly of Tontine             Molly     In Memoriam I
Lady Wirginia Braudag             Kiara     Art II, Family Fun XIII
Laguna Milepork                             Show Shots XI
   Lancelot                                 Puppies V
   Laretta                                  Show Shots XIII
   Lav                                      Family Fun II
Lawrence Modrovous                          Show Shots I
Leannan Finnsech                            Show Shots XII
Leannan Fionnuala                 Asya      Puppies III
Leannan Giolla Iosa               Lisa      Show Shots IX
Lednura Bach                                Olden Days: 1940s
Lein's O'Rielly Shades of Blue    Reilly    Studio Studies I
Lein's Petie Sneaky Bludundee     Petie     Studio Studies I
Lemerick's Little Republican      Regan     Family Fun XI
   Lexie                                    Family Fun IX
   Lily                                     Travel II
Lisiji Jack Be Nimble             Jack      Family Fun XI
Lisiji Juliana of the Jean        Jenny     Family Fun IV & St. Patrick I
Lisiji's Miss Ellie                         Puppies IX
Little Princess O'Malley                    Performance I
   Logan                                    Family Fun XI
   LoGun                                    Portraits II, Show Shots XIII
Lolita de La Cadiera                        Show Shots XIV
Lookout Shannon's Bailey Boo      Bailey    Performance I
Lookout When Hell Freezes         Ajax      Models I
Lotus Flower                                Family Fun II
Louisburgh Deira Na Dala Taegan   Teagan    Travel I
Louisburgh Pirate Queen                     Show Shots VII
Louisburgh Sea Spray                        Show Shots VII
   Lovely Laura Lou                         Portraits I & Puppies I
   Lucy (Kiff)                              Puppies III
Lughnasa's Tenacious Tyler                  Family Fun V
Lynnmar My Bleu Heaven                      Performance II
   Lyra                                     Family Fun XI


Macroy's Airish Dandy             Dani      Show Shots XIV & Portraits III
    Maggie (Ledbetter)                      Show Shots XIII, Puppies VIII, Portraits II
    Maggie (Fox)                            Family Fun XIII & Family Fun XIV
Magical Mary Margaret             Maggie    Show Shots X
Malaine Connor                    Connor	Family Fun XIV
Marberlane's Tabu                           Olden Days: 1960s
    Marco                                   Puppies VIII
Mariah's Marauder of Bangor       Badger    In Memoriam I
Markerry O' Emerald Isle          Mafia     Puppy Play VII, Show Shots XI
   Mason                                    Travel I
   Max                                      Family Fun III
Maxwell's Silver Hammer           Max       Puppies VIII, Family Fun XIII
Maygate's Bogy Blue                         Show Shots XIV
Maygate's Zackley Right           Zack      Show Shots I
Maylew's Rattley Bang                       Olden Days: 1950s
McGuire's Merrow Megan                      Family Fun X             
Melbee's Bantry Lass                        Olden Days: 1960s
Merry Blue Jollygoodfellow        Vronsky   Family Fun IV
Merry Blue Over The Top           Veera     Show Shots IX
Merry Blue Silver Top             Molly     Family Fun II
Merry Blue Top Dream              Duffe     Family Fun XII
   Mick (de Visconti)                       Puppies V
   Mikie                                    Studio Studies II
Milady Maeve O'Kernaghan                    Olden Days: 1940s
Millford Ballayne Boy             Fergus    Puppies VI,Family Fun XIII
Milly Family Fun XIII, Puppies IX, Christmas I Milord Vom Figaro Olden Days: 1960s Misha Family Fun XI, Christmas I Mish-Ka Family Fun XII Mister Van Daelenbroek Show Shots II Misty (van Vorsselen) Show Shots VI Misty (Holdsworth) In Memoriam II Misty (Murphy) Olden Days 1980s Molly (Bruno) Family Fun VII Molly (Flanagan) Family Fun X Molly (Kirby) Family Fun XIII Morbleu's Marauder of Tontine Olden Days: 1970s Mori Puppies III Muricroft Thora Thora Olden Days: 1930s Murphy (Brinkley) Family Fun XIII Murphy (Gibson) Family Fun XI Murphy #1 (Hopkins) Olden Days: 1940s Murphy #2 (Hopkins) Olden Days: 1950s Murphy (Thompson) Family Fun I & Studio I & Art II Murphy (Sawyer) Family Fun IV & Animations Murphy (Greenleaf) Video


   Nargis                                   Show Shots I
Nelly Irish Hippy                 Dolly     Show Shots II
Nemesis Braudag                   Sisi      Family Fun VIII
Nevskoye Domino Graceful Gee      Grace     Show Shots VII
Nevskoye Domino Waltz Boston      Waltz     Show Shots VII
Nico Penny's                                Family Fun I & Art I
Night de Maloa                              Show Shots VIII
   Nippur                                   Family Fun XIII, Portraits II
Nordic Ch Valera's Tin Tin        Milton    Show Shots I
   Norma Jean                               Art I


O'Callen's Callisto of Cavan                Puppies IV
O'Callen's Southern Accent                  Puppies VIII
O Solo Mio Sergeo Puppies I Olido v. Landsbergh Olido Studio Studies I & Travel I & Show Shots IV & Family Fun III Ollie Rescue 2006 Olivia Family Fun I O'Mara's Sorcerer Merlin Merlin Family Fun VIII Onyx Family Fun XIV Opal Puppies III & Studio Studies II Opie Portraits II Ordaugh's Misha Misha Family Fun IX Orhid Night Butterfly Peformance II Orion Family Fun VI Osmonmäen Aristeides Kalle Show Shots XIII O'Tamarac's Tomboy Olden Days: 1970s Outpost Leader Olden Days: 1920s Outshining kiki v. Daelenbroek Jazzy Family Fun VIII


    Paddy (Palmer)                          In Memoriam I
    Paddy (Phenix)                          Family Fun V
    Paddy (McDermott)                       Puppies IX
    Patrik                                  Puppies VIII & Family Fun XII
Pavoni D´Orzan                              Show Shots IX & Family Fun VII
Paxon's Irish Tenor               Ajax      Show Shots I
Paxon's Jewel of Ireland          Sapphire  Show Shots VI
Paxon's Little Bit O' Luck        Meagae    Travel I & Family Fun III
Paxon's Prince of Mathematics     Gauss     Travel I, Puppies III, Family Fun VIII, 
                                            Portraits III, Performance II
Paxon's Rook of York              Rookie    Show Shots XI
Paxon's RSVP                      Ellie     Puppies II
   Penne                                    Family Fun V
PennTerra`s Sky Jet, RN           Dora      Show Shots XIII
PennTerra`s Thyme Zippy           Ronan     Puppies V & Family Fun VIII
PennTerra`s True Indigo           Deenah    Show Shots X & Family Fun VIII
   Penny                                    In Memoriam I
Penny's Umberto                             Show Shots VII
Penny's Varo                                Show Shots III
Penny's Wendy                               Studio Studies II
Penny's Xaver                               Show Shots III
   Perry                                    Family Fun IV
Philwyre Enchantress of Sionsilva Mavi      Family Fun I
   Picasso                                  Family Fun VII
   Piglet                                   Family Fun III, Costumes II
   Pinky                                    Family Fun XI
   Pippin                                   Portraits II
   Puck                                     Puppies IX
Puppy Kerrydom Court Hardy                  Show Shots XII
   Polaris                                  Portraits III
Pot 'O Gold's Jim Nightshade      Jimmy     Puppies IV
Primrose Milady Katie                       Family Fun I
Primrose's K'Larney's Blarney     Kal       Family Fun I
Princeton Hell of a Fellow                  Olden Days: 1930s
   Pretty                                   Family Fun XIII


   Queen Maeve                              Family Fun X
   Quinn                                    In Memoriam I
Quinta-Esencia de La Cadiera                Show Shots XIV
Qwelín Braudag                    Jenny     Show Shots XIII


   Rachel                                   Puppies VII
Rackety Packety Kilmenskeg                  Olden Days: 1930s
   Rags                                     Travel I
   Reetta                                   Performance I
   Reilly                                   Family Fun VIII & In Memoriam II
   Reggie                                   Art I
   Riley (Sherwin)                          Family Fun VIII, Travel II, Christmas I
   Riley (Richardson)                       Travel II, Show Shots XIV
   Riley (Hall)                             Show Shots XIV
   Roary                                    Puppies II
Robert Eberly Matechak            Bob       Family Fun VI
Rockwell's Sky Blue O'Higgins     Sky       Show Shots III
   Roddy                                    Family Fun V
   Rokoko      	                            Show Shots XIV
Rollicking Cassia                 Cassie    In Memoriam II
Rollick's Diva                    Ruff	    Show Shots XIV
Rollick's Flying Colours          Pint      Show Shots III
Rollick's Lady Of Lorien          Salza     Show Shots XI
Rollick's Reflection                        Show Shots V
Rollicking Rise and Shine         Griffin   Family Fun IX
Rollick's True Colours            Inca      Show Shots II
   Rory                                     Family Fun VI
   Roxy                                     Travel II, Family Fun XI
Rosegarden's Rembrandt            Remy      Performance I
Rosegarden's Vagabond Star        Cailin    Performance I
Rownhams Artist                             Olden Days: 1960s
Ruan's Blue Knight                          Olden Days: 1970s
Rugen's Lord Simon Callee         Simon     Portraits I
   Ryan                                     Family Fun III


   Sammi                                    Family Fun V
   Saphie                                   Family Fun XIII
Saraoz Armando Jaleo              Otto      Family Fun XII & Show Shots XII
Saraoz A Todo Gas                 Xiana     Show Shots XII
Saraoz Betty Boo                            Puppies VIII, Show Shots XII
Saraoz Buena Pieza                Casimira  Puppies VIII
   Sassy (Hendricks)                        Family Fun II
   Sassy (Sawyer)                           Family Fun VI
   Seamus (Thompson)                        Puppies IX
Seamus McPike of Kitehawk                   In Memoriam I
   Shannon                                  Donation
   Shamus                                   Family Fun II
   Shanny                                   Family Fun XI
Shareen of Silver Blue Kings                Puppies VIII
   Shawn                                    Family Fun VI
   Sheila                                   Family Fun V
Sherwood's Fergus O'Paramahamsa   Guss      Puppies VIII
Sherwood's Justice for All        Marshall  Show Shots V
Sherwood's The Chief Justice                Models I
Shyloch Blue Vision               Herman    Puppies II
Shyloch Camilla                             Puppies IV
Shyloch Foto Finish               Fiffi     Puppies VI
Shyloch Noblige Show Shots IX Simply the Best de La Cadiera Simply Puppies IX
Sionsilva Hesitation Blues Caiti Family Fun I Sir Thomas of Emerald Hill Tommy Family Fun VI Siuloir Goes For Gold Show Shots XI Skye Family Fun XIV Slievemish Amazing Choice Mandi Show Shots IV Slievemish Call Me Mr Blue Ressu Show Shots V Slievemish Fortune Hunter Dino Family Fun XII Slievemish Dot Puppies VI Slievemish Flash of Irish Lassi Show Shots VIII Slievemish Legendary Duke Luke Show Shots XIII Slievemish Little Diamond Wilma Show Shots VI Slievemish On the Rocks Remu Show Shots IV Slievemish Treasure Hunter Trezor Show Shots IV Sophie (Jackson ) Costume I Sophie (Sultanum) Family Fun XII Spalding's Murphy Blue Family Fun III Spud Portraits II Spy Family Fun II Starlite's Exuberant Pices Show Shots X Starlite's Mr Mister Aries Murphy Family Fun VI Stella Puppies IV & Family Fun VII Stanshel Nezemnoi Prince Hill Puppies IX, Show V & Family XIII Stenshel Belmondo Show Shots VIII Stilton Puppies II Stoney Brooks's Maeve in Tivoli Ella Puppies II Stormy Blue Hurricane Puppies IX Sundowner'sLady McDermott Olden Days: 1970s Sundowner's British Sterling Olden Days: 1970s Sundowner's Brea Linda Olden Days: 1970s Sympathia Ave Kupidon Dunia Show Shots XIV
Symphonie's Mad About You Madison Show Shots III


   Taffi Peticoat Happy World               Family Fun XIII
   Tala                                     Show Shots XIV
Talisman Chansonier                         Show Shots VIII
Talisman Magic Noir                         Puppies IV
Tantara's Cosmic Stellar                    Performance I
Tantara’s Sleeping Beauty         Clyde     In Memoriam II
   Tara (Virtanen)                          Family Fun II
   Tara (Kirby)                             Family Fun XII
Terciopelo Azul De La Cadiera               Show Shots IV & Puppies I
   Terri                                    Olden Days: 1910s
Tessy Braudag                               Show Shots XIII
   Tide                                     Show Shots XIV
Tir na nog's Right on Target      Seamus    Puppies III
   Titan                                    Performance I & St. Patrick I
   Toby and C                               Family Fun I
   Todd                                     Family Fun III
Tologano De La Cadiera                      Show Shots II & Puppies I
Tontine's Clowning Around                   Show Shots I
Tontine's Grady O'Sullivan        Grady     Millennium Kerry
Tontine's Once in a Blue Moon     Zoe       Performance I
Tontine's Something Else                    Olden Days: 1960s
Tontine's Temper Tantrum          Ani       Family Fun VIII
Topgun Ragin' Ring Of BlueAire              Show Shots XIV
Topgun Reagan For Freedom         Reagan    Show Shots XIII
Topman                                      Olden Days: 1940s
Torquil Silver Sari                         Olden Days: 1960s
Torum's Miss Electra                        Show Shots IV
Torum's Scarf Michael             Mick      Show Shots II & VI
Torum's Smokey Chisholm           Richie    Studio Studies II, Show Shots IX
Torum's Stormin Norman                      Show Shots IV
Totteen's Anywise Kivin           Any       Show Shots I
Totteen's Burning Bivin                     Show Shots I
Totteen's Donna Style                       Show Shots I
Totten's Deep Purple              Tommy     Show Shots II
Townshend's Blue Blaise                     Olden Days: 1950s
Townsend Flying Dutchman                    Olden Days: 1970s
Townshend's Mr. Chips                       Olden Days: 1960s
   Tralee (Fox)                             Family Fun XIV
Tralee Bay Fair Felicity          Lizzy     In Memoriam I & Stamps I
   Travis                                   Family Fun IV
Tregoad's Blue Balsam             Mikey     Puppies II
   Trout                                    Family Fun X,Portraits I, In Memoriam II
Trucote Captain William                     Olden Days: 1970s
Trucote Peg of My Heart                     Olden Days: 1970s
   Tuffy                                    Donation
   Tully                                    Puppies IX
   TV-O                                     Family Fun IX
Tynan Magee of the Jean           Magee     Family Fun II & Portraits II
Typical Irish Dressed to Impress  Floyd     Show Shots III & Family Fun VI
Typical Irish Daredevil Miss Elan Shanna    Family Fun VI
Typical Irish Foxy Lady           Luna      Show Shots VIII


Underbridge Upholder                        Olden Days: 1960s
Upi Celtic Gokaiba                          Show Shots XIV
Ursus Celtic Gokaiba                        Show Shots XIV


   Vala                                     In Memoriam II
Valera's Tic Tac                  Pepe      Show Shots II
Valtera’s Miss Krisma Revlin                Show Shots X
Vaya-Tela de La Cadiera           Duncan    Puppies IX, Family Fun XI
   Verdi                                    Show Shots X
Vestida para Ganar de La Cadiera  Vesti     Puppies IX, Show Shots III
Vidravadasz Huncut Cafat          Indigo    Show Shots IX
Villanova's Rick O'Shea                     Puppies III
Vinnie The Vanquero van Daelenbroek Eddie   Family Fun V
Vixen's Show Off                            Olden Days: 1950s
   Vyan                                     Studio Studies I


Walmar's Irish Gleam                        Olden Days: 1970s
Wedgewood Blue Satin Doll                   Show Shots I
Wedgewood's Leaps'N Bounds                  Olden Days: 1960s
Wedgewood's Just Do It            Nike      Donation
Wedgewood Ruby Tuesday                      Family Fun I
Wedgewoods Blue Satin Lace        Lacey     Puppies I
Wedgewood Wildside's Dynasty      Annie     Show Shots XI
Why Not's Jumpstart               Baby      Donation
Why Not's River Dancer            Bella     Travel I
Wildside's Breakaway              Rhys      Puppies VI, Show Shots XIV
Wildside's Destiny's Child        Sadie     Show Shots XI
Wildside's Lone Ranger            Ranger    Show Shots IV
Wildside's Long Tale              LT        Show Shots XI
Wildside's Quiet Man              Duffy     Family Fun X
Wildside's Silver Reign           Ian       Show Shots XII
Wildside's Why Not                Ali       Show Shots XI
Windswept Keep Yer Knickers On              Show Shots III
   Winnie                                   Portraits III
   Woody                                    Puppies VIII
Wulfreda Carholme Canella                   Olden Days: 1960s
Wrigley Fields of Grace           Wrigley   Puppies IV, Family Fun IX


Yaztal de La Cadiera              Nico      Show Shots XII
Yvenus Piraya                     Doris     Puppies VIII, Family XII, Show XII


  Zack                                      Puppies V
Zhantil Braudag                             Puppies IX
Zara Dandy Black & Blue                     Show Shots XIV
  Zeus                                      In Memoriam I
Zhermon Nash Talisman Iz Kraia Malakhita    Puppies V
  Ziggy                                     Family Fun VIII
  Zippy                                     Models I

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