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KATIE formerly known as Puppy number 3 (Kerries helping Kerries) UPDATE: Katie (Puppy number 3) has been ADOPTED! 4/27/18

Katie, formerly Puppy number 3
Katie formly Puppy # 3: this 7 mo. bitch has just arrived at her foster home in Georgia and seems to be showing that Kerry happy-go-lucky spirit. At this time of posting she did not have a name as yet...That will be for the new owner to discover what might suit her bubbly personality best. Puppy #3 is one of three puppies that are being rehomed at the request of previous owner whose life has unexpectantly changed dramatically . The former owner wants to insure that the puppies have an opportunity to have a full and happy life and knows that the KBTF will help them find just those perfect forever home. 4/27/18: Puppy number 3 has been adopted! Her new name is Katie!

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