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Breeding A Better Kerry Blue Terrier 10 April 2016
by Zipporah Fleisher

Ideally, a breeding program starts after you have studied the breed by attending many point shows, watched the preparation of the breed under the grooming tent and learned the scientific wherefore of inheritance.

How Do You Earn the Title "Breeder"? 10 April 2016
by Sharon Simpson

How do you earn the title "breeder"? I don't mean the term as it is used on a registration certificate or entry form. When I refer to someone as a breeder, I consider that person to be knowledgeable about their breed, but there are other qualities which I feel must also be present in order to qualify for the title

Is Your Kerry Breeding Quality? 10 April 2016
by Ester Findling, Buffalo NY

Is Your Kerry Breeding Quality?

Seven Foundations of a Successful Dog Breeder 11 April 2016
by Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes (Pluperfect Kennels, Kansas City, Missouri)

Listed in this article are some axioms that I have created as a learning tool. These axioms are reflections of the temptations we face on a daily basis as dog breeders. If one were to make a similar list for any human endeavor, I doubt it would differ much from what I have listed. I think this list is one that we should all review from time to time, for it requires maturity and self-confidence to master-something we all should continue to hone throughout our lives. The ultimate payoff is the ability to succeed in and to enjoy our dog breeding careers.

Testing BEFORE Breeding Take this exam and see if your bitch makes the grade. 11 April 2016

Do you suffer from test anxiety? If so, dog breeding isn't to you. Before boy meets girl there's a whole lot of testing going on, Can you pass the pre-breeding Final Exam?

What is a Breeder? 11 April 2016

A Breeder (with a capital B) is one who thirsts for knowledge and never really knows it all, one who wrestles with decisions of conscience, convenience, and commitment.

Why Selling Kerries in Pet Stores Is Bad Business 11 April 2016
by Janet Joers

Across the U.S., pet stores are finding it extremely difficult to sell Kerries. As a result, they lose money on the breed. Here's a look at why.

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