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Are We There Yet? Traveling with your Kerry 01 April 2016
by Randy Hayes

Planning a vacation with longer, even multi-day trips with our Kerry's requiring forethought and preparation.

Dogs: Don't Leave Home Without Them 31 March 2016
by Jodi Andersen

Have Dog, Will Travel. How, then, do we find yet another space in our day for the dog? It's easy: Just take the dog with you. Here's how:

Going on the road this summer? Don't forget your dog's safety when you hit the highways and byways. 31 March 2016
by Kim Campbell Thornton

Don't forget your dog's safety when you hit the highways and byways.

Natural Sedatives and Other Remedies for Stomach Upsets 31 March 2016

posed a question on the newslist asking for input on remedies for a Kerry who would get diarrhea when traveling. The dog was not reluctant to get in the car and travel, but suffered from this intestinal upset the entire travel time. His appetite was not affected. Readers respond:

Shipping a Kerry via Air 31 March 2016
by Tom Sawyer, KBTF Rescue Coordinator

Shipping a Kerry via Air Things you need to know:

So You're Going To Move... Now What? 31 March 2016
by Janice Gessner, Past H & G Director

As soon as the decision to move is made, there are major considerations which need to be examined.These could have a major impact on the well being of your dog and possibly even whether they survive the move.

Since a dog cannot ask questions to obtain re-assurance, we need to manage their environment well in order to provide it.

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