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Canine Commands Do NOT Bear Repeating 14 April 2016
by Jodi Andersen

When communicating with our dogs-or, for that matter, our human children-most of us tend to repeat ourselves.

Canine Mythbusting 14 April 2016
by Pat Miller

How to analyze (and discard!) persistent myths about dog behavior.

Congratulations on your new old dog! 14 April 2016
by Kathy Santo

When is a new dog not a puppy? When she's an adult.

Finding a Dog Trainer 10 April 2016
by Dorothy Turley, CPDT

Choosing a dog trainer

Finding Time to Train 10 April 2016
by Kathy Santo

Everyone wants her dog to be well trained. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't have had a thriving training practice of over 100 dogs a week for the past 22 years.

Good manners can turn a puppy into a S.T.A.R. 10 April 2016

To help owners better discharge the responsibilities that accompany the joys of dog ownership, the AKC developed its Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.

Humans: 101 10 April 2016
by Tess of Helena

Do our dogs train us? You bet! In a new book, Training People, one canine reveals the secret of how they do it.

Raising Smart Puppies 10 April 2016
by D. Caroline Coile, PhD

Parents want their babies to be smart. Fortunes have been made from enrichment toys and programs claiming to help achieve that goal.

The 5 Biggest Dog Training Myths 10 April 2016
by Kathy Santo

In this column I want to address (and maybe put to rest forever!) the dog-training myths that I'm asked about on a daily basis.

Trainable Terriers 10 April 2016
by Carol Lea Benjamin

Uncovering the Secrets of those Lovable, Trainable Terriers

Training the Terrier 10 April 2016
by Renee deVilliers

There are accepted principles of learning which, if applied properly, can make the training of dogs easier and more efficient without the use of intimidation, pain or punishment...

What do dogs want? 10 April 2016
by Jim Holt

What do dogs want? Food? Love? A job? A walk around the block with the new dog literature

When Canine Misbehavior is Medical 10 April 2016
by Cate Kulak

It's the call animal rescuers dread: an animal at risk of losing their home due to a behavioral problem. Learn more...

Why Does My Dog Do That? 10 April 2016
by Nicholas Dodman, DVM

Why Does My Dog Do That?

You call this a Reward? 10 April 2016
by Kathy Santo

One of the most fundamental aspects of dog training involves rewarding your dog when he does what you ask. But what is a reward?

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